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Car industry


28 Mar 2007
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Is South Korea competent enough to be more than a serious contender in the automotive industry amongst other japanese companies in the next 10 years, technology wise, and what are their best assets? Also when do you think Chinese automaker will be able to seriously menace Japan?


29 Jun 2005
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Aerain...Yes, I believe South Korea is right on the verge of becoming a major player in the automotive manufacturing markets, and exporting markets too.

The South Korean persons I have met seem razor-focused on the "David" status next to their "Goliath" neighbors, as if they must EXCEED to survive.

Now how long will it take, to match the crushing success of Toyota and Honda and Subaru around the world? 10 more years?

China is ready, willing and able to also become a major export player, probably most with their association with General Motors.

I was listening to a report on the radio, about the percentage of growth of various auto manufacturers... Ford down 18%, Toyota up 137%!!!!

PS...In America, you almost can't find a 20 year old Honda to buy, it never makes the papers as most people pass on their treasure to someone in the family. Worst case, a sign in the window sells it within days.

Fords and Chevys... well, let me not mention the truth about 20 year old cars of this make...this hurts me...
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