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can't open WinMX

Dream Time

20 Jul 2003
WinMX 3.31
I am using it on Windows 2000

just these few days,everytime I try to open WinMX,
it says 'WinMX.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows'

I re-installed the program,and still have this problem....

need help...

Might be a conflict with another piece of software running. Did you install anything new in the past few days?

If not, it might be wise to run a spyware remover.

When you reinstalled WinMX, did you actually remove the old version?
I've un-installed it,deleted the folder,and installed again

now it works

problem solved :D

but anyways,thanks for help,Twisted.
I just downloaded WinMX a few weeks back when I was desperately searching for a song that I couldn't find anywhere else and I finally found it there. I don't know if I like it, though. It seems I have to wait in queue forever every time I use it. I still go for LimeWire.
I thought Limewire was Mac only?

I think WinMX still has the highest availability when it comes to Japanese music. Some people recommend Soulseek, but i think that's still an underdeveloped piece of software, since you can't download from multiple sources.

I have my computer running 24/7, so queue'ing up is no problem for me. Most songs come in within 12 hourse anyway and if they don't, they most likely never will.
I can download mainstream songs within a minute. It all depends on availability. Most Japanese tracks i look for are rare and in extremely high demand at the same time. I usually download all available versions to be sure i've got the one with the best quality.
Often it's the higher bitrates that you have to wait longer for (and they're not even always better quality).
I've been using WinMX for a very long time now... my sister wants me to get into "Soul Seek" but ummm... I dunno .. that thing makes my computer go slower so yeah. O--O
if any of you guys have macs, use poisoned, its great, its the only thing i miss switdhing to PC
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