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Can't get registered!



I'm sorry to inform that I cannot get registered because where it says 'select your country' in the 'required information' box I cannot click on anything. Help!!!
Maybe there's something wrong with your browser, though I think a simple drop down menu are quite compatible across many browsers.

What internet browser and version are you using? (IE. Internet Explorer v6.0)
I am terribly sorry, I'm the one to be blamed. During the upgrade a custom template displaying the country flags had been deleted. Everything works fine now. Thanks for pointing out the error, and again my sincere apologies.


Delete my banner and all from Topsites JPN, I removed my link to topsites off my link-section and I don't want anything to do with your crappy website anymore so remove it and check my ip, this is the same person you banned from otherwise posting anything on the board.

Josh / Ghettocities
Josh, I assure you that you are not banned on these fora. If you were banned, why is user "ghettocities" listed as having been online today?

Anyhow, your wish is my command.
Yeah man it says there is errors when I try and post, anyways I wanna keep Ghettocities "hush hush" for awhile from the majority so i'd really appreciate if you delete it, for proof I posted *** remove this banner, it should appear at next update, thanks man and I apologize if I was ever an a-hole on your site, peace out.

Josh / Ghettocities
Josh, if you face any technical problems, post them and we'll sort them out. People who are banned are displayed in the usergroup "Banned". So far I have only banned spammers (and there were just three of them).

I will now try to login under your name and post here.
Hey, I don't care about being able to post or not, mainly I just want my banner removed (and not have to wait until repop.) but thanks for helping with that too.

Josh / Ghettocities
Works from my side. I will now send you an email with the new password, please log in and change it.

Topsites account deleted.
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