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Can't find Anime movie


27 Apr 2019
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I have searched for it everywhere. I think it's from the early 2000's or late 90's.
It's the story of a teenager or young adult who has the ability to turn into some sort of devil-looking, red, taller-human shaped hero/monster. His job is to deal with some horrible monsters around the city. I think he is acquainted with a family in which the mother's son is a young child, very cowardly, always seeking his mom. Later in the movie this child becomes one of the weird monsters - he is giant, all black, (except for his tiny head - still the same). I also remember that alot of the action takes place in an underground subway. Another good detail I have is that of the grandfather in the family - he lives alone and always buys the same nerf gun to his grand son, the cowardly annoying guy. I remember alot of scenes where the granddad points the gun at his grandson jokingly and says "tatata-tatata" to imitate the firing of the weapon, and it's extremely creepy. Other than that the mother gets gang banged (or almost and is saved) at some point probably near the subway too. The story revolves around the main young adult though, who turns into his weird demon hero form many times, and gets serious injuries from fighting all those weird monsters (it might actually be just one monster, possessing different people like for instance the cowardly son). I even remember one time he visits the cowardly son and the son asks "where did you get that injury?" pointing to the his arm, and the hero replies "A dog bit me" but we know that he was previously in a dangerous fight and that's where he actually got the injury. I think the dude can only turn into his demon form in the night, too.

I've given as many details as I can remember, in no particular order. The movie is probably called something like "the monster hunter" or something of the like - because even though the hero looks like a demon, I know for a fact he isn't the bad guy, and fights a much bigger threat than himself throughout the movie. In general, it's a pretty violent movie, with some sexual scenes (not hentai, just alot of revealing clothing on women and also alot of implying of sex, like with the pseudo gang bang scene of the mother), too.

If anyone can help me find the title of the movie or something, it would really help. Thank you!
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