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Can You Understand Anime Without Translation?!


2 Nov 2003
Here it goes,,

One of my friends records anime series from Spanish,, Italian and other TV stations. Can you still understand anime without subtitles since anime might come with subtitles in languages you don't understand?:p:p
Um I understand certain words after wathing it so many times with subtitles. I use to watch Japanes dramas and they had no subtitles but I understood what was going on and would tell my friends what was happening but I guess that was cuz of the pictures
More or less, yeah. I mostly watch anime subbed, so I've picked up a few words and phrases. But most of the time I already know what's going on just by watching it. Spanish and Italian are no problem for me since I'm fluent in those languages. My challenge it to learn how to READ in Japanese so I can read more manga!!
unfortunatly I have no skill with the japanese language, so I have to watch all of my untranslated anime using subs so if it were to come in any language other than english I would be up the creek without a paddle, I could get a bit of whats going on just from the images, but I wouldn't be able to enjoy it as much.
depends on the anime....some are easier to follow than others....just like J doramas... :D
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