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Can you name all 47 Japanese prefectures?


27 Nov 2003
I still miss one or two but I'm getting there. I have Kyushu, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kinki, Tohoku, and Kanto down pat. It's Chubu that I have trouble with.

I was able to do the 50 American states in 7th grade.

ive got about 40 down pat. most of the prefectures around tokyo are my weak point - not sure how to read them.
Funny, I justly did that game a few days ago : naming all 47 Japanese prefectures, 50 US states + all European countries (I counted 43 of them... ? )
i always liked geograpghy, if shown a blank map of a country i can prolly tell what it is, as far as just listing them off the top of my head i dunno about that.. well i can for all the australian states and capitals :p
No way in terms of population.

However, it might be one of the smaller ones in terms of area.
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