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Help Can you help me with Japanese learning resources/websites?


5 May 2017
I am going to relocate to Japan so now I'm looking for Japanese tutor to start learning online.
It can be online lessons via skype for example.
Can you recommend me some online platforms where I can find them? Thanks
Also acclaimed and recommended: JapanesePod101.com

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Seconded. I never used their tutoring services, just took advantage of the free teacher's blogs for practice, but over the years a number of people I know through Japanese learning sites have gone ahead and signed up with them (sometimes as a result of my pointing to the teacher's blogs, which makes me feel a little better about taking advantage of them :) ) Everyone has been universally positive about the experience.

That said, none of those people were rank beginners, they were all diligently self-studying, at least having completed Genki I, and usually II as well and sometimes Integrated Intermediate. The lessons served less to teach them Japanese from square one and more how to go from having book knowledge of Japanese to being able to actually converse in Japanese.
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