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Can someone tell me......

..... i plan to move there soon so i gess i wana know what to expect.
Well, since you're moving there, as long as you've graduated from college and have a degree it'll be all good. You'll have fun :)
...get some books, movies, documents etc about japan and japanese things, and read the topics from this forum.. i guess you should get a somekind of picture.. At least this forum has been a great teacher to me, so thanks for that :)
I just have to say, to you Ghost, is good luck, and if you plan to move there, without staying there first *to know what you are truly in for* then I hope you know what you're doing, and hope you've made the right choice.

Above all else, rock on, and have fun.
I hope I know what im doin too but like my gramps used to say"Life isnt worth living if you dont take chances". And I believed him too, every chance i took turn out pretty good.
Originally posted by Ghost
I hope I know what im doin too but like my gramps used to say"Life isnt worth living if you dont take chances". And I believed him too, every chance i took turn out pretty good.

The California motto: "Overdue for the big one."

Big one referring to the chance that f*cks you over. Be careful out there.
no, but i figure if i move there i wont have much of a choice and would have to learn it sooner or later.
i would suggest that if your moving there and not just visiting then you should learn more then just basic japanese. i wouldnt move there unless i was pretty fluent, visiting however, you dont need to know quit as much
Do you plan to work or study in Japan? Which part of Japan are you planning to go to?
You can move to Japan without being fluent, but it helps to know the basics and bring some study books and a phrase book to carry around. If you can, enrol in some Japanese classes. If you put in the effort you'll pick it up pretty fast.

Expect Japan to *not* be how you imagine it. Then you wont be disappointed :)

Japanese countryside is beautiful and I'm glad you aren't flocking to Tokyo like most foreigners. However it is hard to live in the country these days. As you know the economy is not great at the moment and small towns are suffering. It can be hard to find a job and wages are lower. I know because I live in a small town. I don't make as much as someone living in a city, but I didn't come here for the money anyway ;)

Do you have any contacts in Japan? That will make everything a lot lot easier.
contacts? no, not outside of the boards anyways :). And I pefer the country over the smogballs you call a "city". Im probably not going to leave the states till I get the basics down.
Ghost I think you should read what I posted a week or so ago, it might be good advice in your situation.

You know what Ghost? I got advice for you now. More advice.

If you are really serious about moving to Japan, first, be a little more realistic with your plan. So far, it doesnt sound to me that you have any idea of what you are doing, or getting into. You seem to be fueled merely by a fantasy of what Japan life may be, or give you.

But anyway, if you really want to live there, join a band. I'm dead serious. I say this because the band I play with, has been my ticket to Japan 3 years and counting.

Because of the contacts *yeah, contacts, you better find some if you plan to stand a chance surviving in the country without speaking the language* that I was able to easily fly and live there. It was because of the contacts that I have a few places to stay for free, for when I go back this year. Its because of the contacts through the band that I even got the chance to do it in the first place.

So pick yourself up an instrument, start talking to a lot of people overseas, form a band, and book dates to play in venues overseas. At least, thats how its worked for me.
not bad advice Winter, i might just try that. And im not fuled by fantasy, i have been planing this out for a few months now.

I agree with what SacredBlue says in that post about working at a place like NOVA. I used to work at NOVA. I did not like it, but hey, it paid the bills!

You will probably end up at a place like NOVA unless you find something better.
My Japanese is ok and i can get around ok with what i know, even with the fiance there it still scared the bezeezus outta me going out the first couple of days. Please take the advice of the others and think it through VERY carefully and take any advice given
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