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Can I make my own japanese name?

10 Aug 2003
I was just wondering if instead of translating my name phonetically into kanji or katakana I could create my own Japanese name and if so, does anyone know any sites that could give me some common words used in names.

im sure you could, and call yourself whatever youd like to in japanese.
this thread has a couple links to names sites with japanese names listed as well.
I for the longest time during introductions said my last name was "Saru" because I thought it was the closest thing to the German pronouncuation 'Say-er' but what I didn't realize was I had, while not having had known Saru was Japanese for monkey, on countless occasions said my name was "Monkey Josh" (since I had put my family before first name,)

, but that's what inhaling spray-paint fumes will do to you kids, so remember to wear your masks!.


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