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Can I get a second opinion?


27 Nov 2003
I feel like an idiot asking this, since I should know this but we're all friends here so y'all won't call me an idiot. :D

Since I'm going to Japan next month, I wrote a letter to one of my aging uncles to let him know that I was coming.

Yesterday I received a letter from Japan but it was from his wife, i.e., my aunt. I thought it was funny because my uncle always responded to his letters. It turned out he had passed, 😭 as did another aging uncle, both of whom I had hoped to see again. 😭

My aunt signed her name on the letter but I wasn't sure how to read it. You see, I never knew my aunt's first name. In Japan, most people don't say uncle Tadao or aunt Yoshiko. It's simply ojisan or obasan. (In fact, most Japanese would not know their Emperors' first names, Hirohito or Akihito, etc.--it's simply Ten'nou Heika) This particular uncle lived in an area of Osaka called Hagoromo, and he was an executive for the department store Daimaru, so I always used to call him Daimaru no ojisan or Hagoromo no ojisan.

Back to my aunt. She signed her name with three kanji: one for hyaku (one hundred), one for ai (to come together, as in Aikido), and ko (suffix for most female first names). I've never seen a name written that way.

I'm guessing that this name is read "Yuriko", based on the fact that the first two kanji are also used in the name "Sayuri".

Any opinions?
Yuriko, based on there being only one Enamdic entry for those three kanji.
百合子 【ゆりこ】 Yuriko (f)
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