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Can I Block some banners



If there are some banners I'd rather *not* have display on my website during the jbanner exchange, is there anyway to stop these.

Currently, there is no way to stop specific banners from being displayed.
will this be added?

Just a thought...
It might be a good idea to add this feature (ability to block certian banners) since many website definitley do not want to advertise competitors on their sites. Also, some webmasters (like me) have a lower tolerance for "Love and Marriage" agency ads than perhaps other webmasters do.


the software I am currently using allows to set up categories. This would be one way to display selected banners. I'll see what I can do.
Thomas - THanks

Frank - I fail to see why you even participate in this forum. You claim to be a nurses aid who lived in Fukuoka for 2 years. What does that have to do with jbanner? What's the point? WHy dont you join a forum where you might actually be able to add constructive criticism. You seem to have a lot off energy. Rather than clog up this forum with comments...please respond directly to me at [email protected]
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