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Can I ask you for Name Help?


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7 Dec 2005
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I'm not oreintal by any means, but I have a very strange name....

It's writen "Tomeka," but most people tend to pronounce it "Tah-me-kah," while others say "Toh-may-kah" and that's what I wonder about.

My mother got it from a freind of a freind, and has no idea if it was a real name, or anything, she'd just happen to hear it from a foreign singer, and how it was supposta be spelled.

So, i'm asking for help.
Does anyone know where my first name comes from?
Is it a misspelling?
Can you please tell me?
I can't really find anything, but I'm probably looking in the wrong places....

nice gaijin

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8 Aug 2005
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Tomeka is not a name I've heard before, and since this is in the All Things Japan forum, it's certainly not a Japanese name. The closest I can think of is Tomoka or Tomoko. there is a toy company called Tomiko, but I doubt that's what the reference was. Any idea what song it is from, or at least what nationality the singer was?
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