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Can girls teach guys?


8 Oct 2003
I was just wondering if a girl can teach a guy Japanese, or would it be better for me to get a guy to teach me...

I'm thinking that if I ask a girl to teach me, I will probably sound female when I talk Japanese...e.g. Kawaii desu ne! And people would think I look like this smiley - :inlove:

What does everyone else say?
If it is a serious language class, you will learn standard, textbook-like Japanese and won't sound feminine, you'll sound like a news reporter. Boring, but not girly. Now, if you get a Japanese girlfriend and learn Japanese usage by copying how she speaks, yes, you will sound quite like a lady. If you want to sound manly, get a job down on the docks and go drinking with the guys.

However, if the girl has any brains in her head, she will be able to adjust her way of speakingto address your concerns. Just let her know. Still, it is good to have some exposure to male, female, and non-specific Japanese. Good luck and enjoy your studies. :)
Of course, a girl can teach male language. But you're right about it being a bit dangerous for you to only hear, and imitate feminine language outside the japanese lessons..

But Mandylion... are you sure it's good to have Kaminoko learn male japanese by letting him go out drinking with the guys.? >__<;
They talk extremely fast, and real blurry...&Ocirc;_&Ocirc;;
And what about the language they're using... It wouldn't be very clean, would it? ^_^;
female and male can help u learn/ teach u.. i been taught a bit of japanese from japanese friends atmy college this year, includeing females, and i learnt more from them than the guys (dunno if it is like that 4 every1) and since they were learning english here, i helped them out oo.. the japanese females taught me things i need to know to get by in japan and usefull sentences and politeness, while the guys taught me the ways they speak, (not very polite words, but they do say only to use this with friends, so its all good) but i found learning from japanese girls more usefull. but thats just what i think, i have used what they taught me alot, and not much of what the guys taught me. (yup.. just my 2 cents.. :)
It doesn't depend on gender, I think you might be thinking about it wrong really. No one person you hang out with or talk to is going to make you sound like one gender or the other. You will make slip ups at the start later of course, but later after you get past the beginner period you'll understand the gender specific differences.

I'm still a newbie myself to Japanese, so I tend to say things very feminine and polite to the point of it being humorous to a Japanese lady I knew. I think she found it kind of funny, but it was only because I am very new. :)
I think once you learn most of the common differences between male and female speech, it shouldn't be too hard to learn from listening ot female speech. That's if you got the differences down.
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