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Can bikes be modified?

Absolutely.:) It's a little different dynamic from tuning cars (much easier imho because many are plug-in types) but there is certainly room to upgrade the performance of a factory standard bike. On my old GSXR I had a TRE (Timing Retarder Eliminator) modification installed and that is something generally considered for racers only (as opposed to recreational riders). In essence, the TRE is a device which allows much better throttle response in the first four gears because manufacturers make separate ignition maps for each gear (for noise, safety and emission reasons).

The TRE "unmaps" (for lack of a better word) the amount of throttle needed for shifting and changing the lower gears. The transition is as smooth as silk and ideal for weaving through traffic, riding in the city, or other stop-and-go environments. That's just one example of course. There are plenty of other mods and performance upgrades available nowadays but timing adjustment is by far the most popular (not to mention affordable).

I wanted to install a G-Pack for my ZX-12R at some point but since I am leaving for Japan soon there's not much point... And if you're wondering what a "G-Pack" is... let me just cite the following from the manufacturer:

"G-Pack is a module which has the capability to optimise the performance of your engine to a maximum, particularly during the phases of acceleration from low to mid range.

G-Pack allows for maximum torque and power with exceptional acceleration in the low and mid range permitting full exploitation of your engine power band.

WARNING : G-pack changes engine窶冱 characteristics and performance. The utilisation of the module is not allowed on public roads; its use is strictly meant for competition on closed racing tracks."
Ive rebuilt many bike engines and I must say, im suprised at the amount of people that over look the most basic things. All thes electronic add ons have distraced bike owners from the most importand things.
Porting and polishing your cylinder head to allow smooth maximum flow is a must. Lightweight, dish pistons together with strong lightweight con-rods make for a free flowing exhaust. If you have a carb engine then you have lots to play with in that department also. Alot of tuning can be done with no cash and alot of hard work. Of course to notice the difference you will need a free flowing exhaust system and less restricive breathing. If you live in a clean air area (not near a beach) you may even consider having no air filter at all.
Theres a heap of stuff you can do to your bike to make it more powerfull without spending all your hard earned cash if you wanna get dirty. :D
I Doubled The Sound Output Of My Bike !!!

I put baseball cards on both sides of both wheels!!


PS - Don't be cheap with the clothespins!!

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bahahahahahahaha @ cards
using bicycle brand? be like splitfire plugs up in there

Yea get a yoshimura exhaust and a K&N filter. or whatever companys make the stuff for bikes. i am an ATV anthusiest (go yamaha) so i am just sayin some stuff that makes sense.

hey i herd that port and polish does nothing. is that true. i'll look for the site. this guy said all this arguable stuff about 4stroke engines.
Thats not true at all. Porting and polishing helps all the gas and engine flows. If you look inside a standard engine, you will see that all the surfaces are fairly rough. This makes the substance flowing catch and will slow it all down. By polishing these rough surfaces you will make everything run much more smoothly.
You just gotta be carefull not to take any egdes off while polishing as this will miss-guide the substance.
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