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Can anyone tell me what this means?


15 Nov 2003
Can anyone tell me what this means?

"Inoreyo, Hatenaku Ebonju.
Sekae tamae,
Yume miyo, Inorigo!'"

It is suposed to mean this:
Pray now, for Yu Yevon who will not go away.
For the sake of prosperity,
Dream now, the Fayths of Yevon

I am just wondering if that is what it really says.
I'm not completely sure, but I think some of it is there -- although I don't see the "pray for Yu Yevon who will not go away" part for instance.
祈り子 夢見よ エボンジュ 栄えたまえ 祈れよ 果てなく

祈り子 : Prayer
夢見よ : Have a dream
エボンジュ : Ebonju
栄えたまえ : Floreat
祈れよ : Pray
果てなく : Endlessly
though I'm not aware of video games, this lyric sounds like the BGM of Final Fantasy 10 and religious.
exactly speaking, it expresses in Japanese that

"inoreyo Yevon=Ju(Ebon=Ju), yume miyo inorigo.
hatenaku sakae tamae."

as I hardly have the knowledge of Holly Bible and Hymns, though I dont translate properly, I do that somehow.

Pray to(or, for) Yevon=Ju, and You Prayers, Dream(or, have a dream) (now).
May Yevon=Ju(or, You) be crowned with the glory(or, prosperity
) immortally!(or, endlessly, forever, everlastingly)
or saying the verse "May Yevon=Ju ..." more short,
Floreat endlessly!

it appears the hymn in honor of Yevon=Ju.
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