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Travel Camping & Climbing Mt. Kurobi (Gunma Pref.)


3 Apr 2017
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Mt. Kurobi (Mt. Akagi) is one of 100 top mountains in Japan, so it is famous among mountain climbers.

There are some trails to the summit of the mountain. This time I introduce the one from Hanami-gahara forest park.

Hanami-gahara forest park (花見ヶ原森林公園)
This is one of municipal campsites in Kurohone area, Kiryu City.

You can take a share taxi (Flat rate: One-way 300yen per head only) from Mizunuma Sta. (Watarase Keikoku Railway).
The distance between the station and Hanamigahara is about 17.5 kilometers.
About the share taxi in Kurohone

For maximum 6persons

For maximum 20persons


===Shower room (coin-operated)===


*There is no restaurant here. So you need to bring something to eat.

Opening Period
May 1 - September 30
*reservation acceptance: from February 1

Maintenance Fee: Adult(Junior high school age and over)200yen per head/ Child(3 years old and over)100yen per head (It is like a entrance fee so you need to pay it only once)

A hut for 6persons (15huts): 1hut 5,140yen (per night) + 410yen per head (per night)
A hut for 20persons (3huts): 1hut 15,420yen (per night) + 410yen per head (per night)
A tent site (30sites): 1site 820yen (per night) + Adult 200yen per head/ Child 150yen per head (per night)
  *There are simple bedclothes in the hut.
  *You need to bring a tent and bedclothes when you use the tent site.

Campfire ground (2sites): 4,110yen (with firewood)
  *You can enjoy campfire between 5pm-9pm
The barbecue site (common use under the same roof): Adult 200yen per head/ Child 150yen per head (per 2hours, without firewood)

Goods for sale
  A bag of charcoal: 710yen (2kg)
  A bundle of firewood: 200yen

Goods for rent
  An iron plate for barbeque: 1piece 200yen (2hours)
  A gridiron: 1piece 200yen (2hours)
  A messtin for boiling rice: 1piece 100yen (1night)
  A flashlight: 1piece 300yen (1night, without battery[A size C * 4pieces] )

*Check-in:From [hut]3pm [tent site]2pm, Check-out:Until 10am
*Lights-out: 10pm

Akazura state forest, Shimotazawa, Kurohone area, Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture (zip code:376-0144)

+81-(0)277-96-3131 (May 1 - September 30)
+81-(0)277-96-2113 (October 1 - April 30)
  *Please call them between 8:30am-5pm
  *They don't accustomed themselves to serving to non-Japanese speaker


The starting point of the trail is beside the hut area.

Mountain trail
You can climb here without mountain guide.
However, please pay attention to go the wrong trail. You need to look for the guideposts and the colored tapes as a guidepost while climbing.

===Starting point===

===On the way===

===Summit of the Mt. Kurobi (1828m)===

*It takes about 2-3 hours to the summit

===From the view spot near the summit===

*The scenery is very nice if there's no crowd!

MAP (Mt.Kurobi, Hanamigahara forest park, and Mizunuma Sta.)

ACCESS to Kurohone
Kurohone area, Kiryu City is near from Tokyo. Just 2 and a half hours by train.
You can also come from Nikko (World Heritage Site, Tochigi-ken) by bus&train.
Access information to Kurohone area

Tourist Information of Kurohone
There are many sightseeing spots in Kurohone area.
For example, "Mizunuma Sta. Onsen Center (A day hot spring)" is rare in Japan, because it is directly connected to the station.
Tourist Information of Kurohone area

Please contact me if you have any question:)

Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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Welcome to the forum and thanks for a very informative post. It is nice to see someone else from Kiryu posting!


Proofreader extraordinaire
26 Sep 2015
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I see that a bear has attacked the Watch out for Bears sign!

You could also mention what time of year it's OK to climb the mountain without specialist equipment - about May to November I guess.


3 Apr 2017
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@Mike Cash, @Lothor
Thank you for your replies!

I'm sorry for not telling you the season for mountain hiking.
@Lothor is right. Anyone can climb there throughout the year, but May to November is better (no need to bring special equipments).
Especially you can enjoy some kind of flowers like azaleas in May and June. And in summer season (July and August) it's also good because it's cooler than in urban area like Tokyo:)

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