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Cameroon followup


15 Apr 2002
This is what I picked up off the news last night.

Cameroon aparently stayed at 2 towns. One Nakatsuki-mura and the other which was their base camp at the foot of Mt. Fujii (I'm not good with names).

The Mayor of the first village actually went to see the game while the second town wasn't really played up much in the news and last night was the first I heard of the second village.

The Cameroon team took time to practice with school soccer clubs and even visited a [yogo-gakkou] physically and mentally challenged school out of the blue. Many were suprised by this. So was I!!

At first, I was harsh about the outlay of money but ... the Cameroon team's friendliness and volunteer service won me over. Definitely, a priceless exprierence.

Once again, they were late. They made their chartered busses wait so long that some of the buses left with out the team and some of chaps ended up taking taxis to the airport.

This time, they were busy signing autographs and chatting with the locals.

Now, how many teams do that?

@side note
Last night too on another TV show they did a bit about cameroon strong belief in Witch Doctors. I wonder if they had the chance to jinx the other team or not?
Apparently, the main Witch Doctor sent a bill to the Cameroon football federation, well whatever it's called. The bill was for about US $50,000. I missed whether or not if this bill was payed since I had to take out the trash.
ughh ....

Good Luck to them next time!
German TV showed a docu on that village a few days ago. Villagers had prepared for the Cameroonian (?) team for months, a Canadian ELT held basic French courses, the whole village participated in preparing accomodation and training grounds for them. It was really touching to see their arrival and the mayor's attempts to welcome the team in French.

Witch doctors, yes, I remember they showed them briefly on TV during the game, after Germany had scored the first goal. Perhaps their bills are covered by medical insurance.
Thats like a breath of fresh air, cameroon team players taking time for the locals ect, we dont get that reported here, as for those witch doctors, even thier title scars me:cautious:

I imagion them wearing grass skirts and having bones on the ends of sticks, war paint on thier bodies, and the look in their eye that they are coming to get me😲

I just scared my self hehe, do they wear such items of clothing and have those sticks ect ? or is this just a tale?
The one they showed last night on TV lived in a run down house and wore some kid of robe/skirt ... sort of like Tibetan monks.

hmmm actually the haitian witch doctors are much more scarier than those in Africa. All those Madonnas and candles and chickens ... ewwwwww

heebie jeebies that's what the Haitian ones give you. The African Fellow was much more mellow.
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