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Caca here!


22 Jul 2003
Hi my name is Jeff and I-- wait! This is my 100th post! I'm am now in the secret society of the samurai-ish-dom-hood!

Well yeah, so I've been here a while. I didn't ever really introduce myself here, and now since I've attained such a high status, it sort of feels like a birthday party for me. I'll probably be the only one attending though...

Just in case, did you know that "caca" meant "pooh" or "****" in French and other languages (kaker in German...) ? You dirty boy ! :D
Same in the good ol' U.S. here; and even in Spanish! Gahahah! What?! No Congrats on my 100th post?!😭
Caca-san! you have attained a great position in the samurai society! your post...i mean attacks are great and you have much more to attain. Go forth and post..i mean attack my FF7 pupil/sidekick! 🙂
Hahaha, thanks guys. I guess now that I have this many posts I must up my contributions to the site (it being the first I'd ever really posted extensively on). I will now start working on the "Cacawate Video Game Translation Site Where Video Games Are Translated and Then Put On a Site(TM)" Site. Yeah. So thanks again!
Ok, I Get The Caca Part, But What About ....

the "wate" part?? Is there a special meaning? Spanish?
The nosey ol guy strikes again!!


😊 :eek:
NANGI said:
Konnichiwa Cacawate-san!

Caca(Kaka) means mother in Japan. And Wate means me. :p


Ah, that'd be a perfect name for Japanese boys, then... :p

And congrats on your samurai status, cacawate! 👍
Thanks Kirei!

関わって <---what about that? I guess that'd be Cacawatte though, huh?

You got it! Cacahuate means peanut in Spanish. I also think it's one of the funniest words in any language. That's where I came up with the idea. I believe there is a hotel in the Phillipines or so named the Cacawate. There's even a band in Mexico that, I believe, had the same idea as me; to name their band a funny name and spell it a funny way. Anywho, I'm risisng the ranks in Google and I believe I'm the second link that comes up. Must... sur.. pass.


P.S. http://www.comuniaxis.cl/fotos_juntas/migufest/image20.html <---a pic of the band Cacawate. Go Cacawate!!

Edit: I love The Doors too Kirei! Nice sig.
Cool, cacawate! I've got The Doors, Strange Days, Waiting for the Sun, and The Soft Parade on vinyl. They were all my stepdad's that he owned in college, so they are on and around 35 years old. Wouldn't trade them for anything... :) Strange Days is my favorite album, I guess. What's yours?
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