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14 Nov 2003
yo, i'm new here...and i've been trying to learn japanese on my own. the way i've been learning some particles (like no) would be converting to chinese...or course, some particles still confuse me because i can't find a good chinese equivalent and the books i have are kind of vague on the details as well (like more complex uses of ni/e, de, ga vs. wa, etc)...any help in these areas would be very much appreciated! ;)

but anyway, i do hope i can get to Japan somehow. i want to either teach English or be a doctor. or something like that.

some interests i have would be: i LOVE music (i love to sing and play instruments, such as piano, violin, flute, and guitar), i plan to form a band one of these days (preferrably Jrock/VK), i really like the Japanese theater, i also like drawing, reading, writing (lyrics, poems, stories, songs), and there's tons more.

and...just a little thing...many people think i'm weird...i'll try not to get too strange in here though. ^.~

well, i hope i didn't bore you with the intro. hope to see you all around!!!

😄 :D 😄
thats cool i was thinking about learning mandarin, but now im learning vietnamese, its more convienent right now since my friends can teach me. still wanna learn mandarin though, one of these days...
that's pretty cool. at my school there's more people who know vietnamese than mandarin, which i find strange...since mandarin is the more common language in the world...@.@ i sometimes feel kind of lonely, you know?
yeah i know, there were times i thought more people knew spainish than english at my school. while i see lots of movies in mandarin/cantonese, whens the last time youve seen a vietnamese movie? dont ask me though since i watched one last week but it still took some digging through the foreign film section.
i haven't seen a single veitnamese movie. i don't think i've seen one in a video rental store before either. i'm not even sure if we have any in our area.
ive only seen two 'cyclo' and 'vertical rays of the sun' both were made by the same guy. you should be able to get cyclo at least from a regular video store. if you actually wanna watch one that is, on the other hand chinese movies are alot easier to come by. ive seen alot of those, still trying to find a copy of 'a chinese ghost story' i read the story online a couple months back but i havent been able to find the movie and i really wanna watch it.
i have "a chinese ghost story III" and i love it. my dad got it from either singapore, taiwan, or...from my uncle...not quite sure...but it's really good.

one that you really should watch is Shaolin Soccer (not the mandarin dub though...sounds horrible). the second one is out now (i believe). but the main actor is Stephen Chow (my favorite actor), and it's pretty funny, and if you know movies with Stephen Chow, it's "that" kind of funny.

uhm...i'm not sure how you can find either of them. but if you have an asian video place, some type of a Stephen Chow movie should be there, and any of them are good. he also did a series (Gods of Gamble), and it's pretty good as well. but, like i said...it could be pretty hard to find. they're all pretty old movies.

i think that america's going to dub shaolin soccer, if they haven't done it yet. i'm not sure. i saw a commercial of it in Best Buy (but they didn't have the sound on so...i'm not sure if their voices were any good).

and "cyclo" sounds kind of familiar...yes, i remember seeing that at Hollywood Video a while back. i'm not sure if they still have it though. i think i wanted to watch it, but my dad didn't...so, i put it back.
yeah theres one on the northside of town im thinking there should be one around here but i dunno where it is yet. ill have to remember stpfen chow, see what i can find. i remember seing shaolin soccer somewhere but i dont remember where at.
how old are you?
hmm that might be why your dad didnt want to wach cyclo, its about a prostitute and the cyclo driver that falls in love with her, it sounds worse than it is and its really a good movie.
aah...i see. darn. i s'pose i'll just wait another year or two. or...until i move out or something. ^^;; but i'll just remember that title for now. i think i heard someone else saying that it was a good movie too.
hmm so what are your thoughts on the movie "hero" since ive heard some very mixed things about that movie and the politics behind it.
hero....? i haven't seen it yet. but i really want to.

i hope it doesn't turn out like "crouching tiger hidden dragon" that movie was just...horrible. i still don't see what was so great about it. there are tons of other chinese films that are 10-20 times better...*shrug*

😄 :D 😄
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