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15 Mar 2002
March 14 will be a happy day for B'z fans with a DVD player. "Buzz!! the movie", "The true meaning of Brotherhood", "Once upon a time in Yokohama, B'z Live Gym'99" and "Live Ripper" will all be released on DVD-format on that day. But true fans will have probably seen all of these already on VHS or Laserdisc.
The more interesting news comes in the form a new single. Slated for release on the same day as the DVD's, march 14, this new single, titled "Ultra Soul", will feature three tracks and is also the theme of a TV Asahi sports show.

Check [DLMURL="http://topsites.japanreference.com/cgi-bin/out.cgi?id=twisted&url=[URL]http://home.hccnet.nl/p.zoon/s2l2/s2l2.htm[/URL]"]here[/DLMURL] for more Jpop news.
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I didn't really like "ultra soul". I prefer the BAD COMMUNICATION mini album. And yes, you are right to say that most B'z fans already have those videos on VHS so maybe a lot of them won't buy the DVDs but those DVDs do have special bonuses on each of them not featured in the original VHS/LD versions. But since I'm going to buy the VHS versions, I can't afford to buy the DVDs (they won't work in my American DVD player anyway). I don't mind, though.

Anyway, if you or any B'z fan would like to know more about B'z or discuss B'z, please visit my website on them. It's called "Pleasure":


And there is a WWWBoard where fans can ask questions or give their opinions about B'z.

I gave my 2 cents on that single there, too. Take care!

B'z news

Hi, everyone!

The latest news with B'z right now is that Inaba and Matsumoto are doing solo projects again. And there may be a new album in December. We shall see. :)

If you would like to know more about B'z, please visit my site (http://www.geocities.com/bz_pleasure). I will try to keep you all up-to-date with B'z news in the future as well.

Take care! And thanks again, Thomas!

-LN :D
B'z news! Tak's solo albums and member auditions

Hi, everyone.

I've updated my B'z site, Pleasure. The most recent news about B'z is Tak's 2 solo albums which are coming out on February 27. "Seihenrairyu DRAGON FROM THE WEST" is a mini-album while "Hana" is a full album. Also, B'z is still having an open audition for a new bass, drums, and keyboard players. For more details and information, please check out the "News" section of my site.

Thanks and take care!

Thanks, Nahoko! I updated my B'z interview section just now. You can read all about B'z's Monthly Kadokawa interview back in Jan of 1998. Just go to the Menu and click on "About B'z". Then click on "Interview" and choose the interview that you want to read.

Take care!

B'z news again

Hi, Thomas. Hi, everyone. It's been a while.

I just wanted to mention some B'z news I've posted up in my site in case anyone's interested in the band. The link to my site is http://www.geocities.com/bz_pleasure (but of course you can also find the site right here in Japanreference.com). The news includes details about a new B'z single and their involvement in the new FIFA Korea/Japan music album.

Everyone take care.

B'z update

Hello everyone,

I just found this forum. ^^ Well, I don't seem to see any recent B'z updates, so I'll just type some up for you!

First, they're celebrating their 15th anniversary this year! THey'll be launching a mega live tour from July through December.
2nd, they recently smashed another Japanese music record when they took the top 11 Oricon single spots simultaneously (one new single, It's Showtime!!, plus 10 re-mastered old singles).
3rd, they had a successful PV shoot in February for Its Showtime!! in Los Angeles ~ any and all fans were invited to participate as extras. Very cool of them. Sorry, I didn't report this here then: hadn't found this forum yet.

4th: Their last concert video DVD, A Beautiful Reel, is region-free, and contains a bonus disc with some footage from their 2 California Roll concerts held Sept 2002 in California.

If you're wondering who B'z are, please take a look at my new site at www.geocities.com/komachiangel178
..heh, I just got a tape from Japan, with some B'z on it :)
I had never heard of them before..
Cool! What did B'z perform on your tape? ^^

Yeah, I would venture to say B'z aren't as well-known among international fans as many other artists. Maybe it's because they're kind of low-key when they're not rocking stadiums around the country. But they are the highest selling artists in Japanese musical history, and they show no signs of stopping.

Anyway, I'm always happy to make B'z song recommendations. ^^
Are you kidding? B'z are quite popular among international fans. At least on the boards i hang out on.

Tak Matsumoto even got an international release recently with his solo-album Dragon from the west.
Originally posted by Mura
Cool! What did B'z perform on your tape? ^^

Well, I have a great pen pal from Japan, who really made a nice surprise for me. She recorded some J-pop for me on a cassette, with various artists.
From B'z there are songs called "Zero", "Gekko", "Gold", and "Ultra Soul".

It's ok, I'll listen to it, but I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of pop/rock. I'm just too selective with my music, in a way...in a way I like so many kinds of music :sing: tough, isn't it :)

I became aware of B'z pretty quickly after discovering J-Pop myself... it's difficult to ignore their stunning records in the Japanese music world. Do they still have the unbroken string of Oricon #1 singles going at this point?

I also read somewhere that in terms of total sales (albums/singles) they actually rank in the Top 5 worldwide for all time, ranked with the likes of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks. Can anyone confirm this?

They're an awesome duo, and I hope they keep producing great music for many years to come!

Well, the main reason why B'z are so unpopular is...they are not a visual kei band! ^^;; (at least that's true in Germany...-__-)

Tak's international solo release was Hana...not Dragon From The West.

But I think they're the best hard rock band of the 90's and now. (there aren't many real hardrock bands around anymore anyway...)

Tak's playing style is awesome...
Oh yeah, right. It was the other one. I was too lazy to look it up. :)
Thanks for correcting me.

I prefer Dragon from the West though. More uptempo songs.
Me too.
Hana is just so mellow.
Not that I have anything against it - but...it's too much of mellow songs. (maybe nice for sleeping? ^^;;)
Wow, sorry, my mistake. ^^; I guess I've just read one too many "Are B'z still alive?" posts on some boards that shall remain nameless!

I have Tak's Hana int'l version...it is a very mellow album. It was released on guitarist Steve Vai's label. My favorite Tak solo song is "Go Further," the Formula One racing theme in Japan. ^^

B'z still have the record for consecutive #1 hits...they're up to 30 now.

MHtrStevie: The #5 ranking in the world is actually based on the RIAA records, which only look at record sales in North America. B'z have sold over 86 million records; which does put them at #5 in terms of the RIAA sales. It's on my site intro
I actualy got interested in them by my wife. She lived in Japan for 3 years and has lots of Cd's and one of the ones she has is from B'z. (can't remember title sorry.) She is also a big fan of Yumi Matsutoya. (I think I got that right).
Hi ~

Just want to let you guys know that B'z will probably be having a concert in Seattle this fall at The ShowBox. The tentative date is October 21. I say probably, because they haven't announced it on their official website, but they didn't announce their US concerts officially last year either. Tickets go on sale May 16 at the ticketswest site, and if it's anything like last year's situation, they'll go really really fast (the Los Angeles concert sold out in one day).

There's been a lot of interest in their tour this year because it's their 15th anniversary and the last Pleasure tour, so even some fans in Japan are having problems getting tix for LiveGym.
B'z North America Tour!!

I'm so excited about the North American dates in B'z current tour - in fact, I'm attending the show in Seattle!:D So here's my question: anyone else attending? You see, I'm going with my sisters and friends, but I'd like to see a few familiar faces there as well. Is anyone interested in meeting up at the show? I'm always interested in knowing B'z fans in the area!

Sadly, this tour is like the other B'z U.S. appearances... it's concentrated only in the western part of the U.S. Mostly Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Seattle...

Still, it's pretty cool that they come to these shores at all... if I could, I'd travel out from the East Coast to see them.

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