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B'z concert,I am going with my father...what do you guys think..?

it is weird for a 18 year old guy to go to B'z concert with his father?

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Dream Time

20 Jul 2003
B'z is coming to Vancouver in October 23rd

my father bought two tickets,he is going with me,he is 54 years old,I am a 18 years old guy
and none of my friends likes Rock music....
I did not expect my father to buy two tickets and go with me...

what do you guys think about a 18 year old guy going to a Rock concert with a father??

I think the audiences will be like around 15 to 20 something years old

I am 50% want him to go,50% not
why I want :
I am a guitarist,my father does not like Rock music at all,he thinks it is noise,he does not even accept Bon Jovi's music.
I want to try to change his view of Rock music.

why I do NOT want:
I don't want to be stared by people and thinks "this guy is coming to a Rock concert with his father?"

tell what do you guys think,
do you feel it is weird??
Nah, should be great. As long as he dresses casual. :)
Leather pants work well at rock-concerts, but ehm... then again it might give a wrong signal... :D

You might wanna give your father a ballad-collection of B'z, so he'll know what to expect. He'll then probably take the faster songs for granted.

Rockmusic is for all ages. You might be surprised by the turn out at the concert.
now I think I can't go to the concert..
I've been acknowledged people under age of 19 are not allowed to enter the bar where the concert will be held..
and ID is needed,they will have security guard checking IDs before people enter..
Oh yeah, it appears so:


That sucks. Perhaps you can call them and ask for an exception.
I hope you have fun! I went to a Live concert (Live the band) with my dad, and he enjoyed himself immensely! He's not a big fan of modern music (or anything I listen to, with the bizarre exceptions of Snoop Dogg and techno-dance... sigh), but he managed to enjoy himself. Now that I bought my B'z tickets (Seattle baby!! woohoo!) he's even tolerating my incessant babble about J-Rock in general. Good luck with your dad, but even if he just hangs out at the bar, I hope you at least have a good time ^.^

I wonder if they will have security guards checking ID before they let people enter.......
I do stuff all the time with my parents.. but then I am now 32.

When I was 18 I thought the same as you.. but trust me it is not strange.

Parents are actually quite cool if you give them the chance. It is good that he wants to do cool stuff together.
Hey, if you're under parental guidance, they'll probably let you in anyway. It might just be your luck to have your father coming along.

But i'd check with the venue first, though. Just to be sure.
I've called the venue to ask about it,
the guy said I can not go if I am under 19 even if my father is coming along.
I might get to go to the one in Seattle I'll be a student at UW, so I'll be in the area the day of the concert. They still have tickets left, so I'm crossing my fingers, hoping to raise enough money for the rest of the ticket. I'm sorry that it sounds like you can't make it to the concert in Vancouver.

If he's willing, the concert at the ShowBox (Seattle, October 21st) is open to all ages. At least, I think that's what it said on the site. That means you could go to that one!

Good luck with your decision! I hope you find a way to make it to one of the B'z concerts!
Tiny kids adore their parents and think of them as gods. When they get older, they see their parents flaws, and for some time as youths, they think it's embarrassing to do stuff with parents. When they are older again, they realize that their parents won't be there together and when they can do stuff together with the parents, they should so as long as they can.

Going to a concert with a father is a rather mature thing to do for an 18-year-old imho.
I consider that really cool...my mother's been to concerts with me.... Semisonic and The Wallflowers and well it was really fun
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