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buying a cell phone in Okinawa

19 Feb 2007
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I'm having a heck of a time figuring out what to get. Initially I was thinking about purchasing a Softbank pre-paid phone, but the Softbank white-plan @ \980/month is very tempting.

I was hoping to find some answers to a few basic questions. The lady at the Softbank store didn't know the answers for some reason.

1) Do Softbank contract phones come with free voicemail? I ask because DoCoMo charges an extra \200/month for voicemail.

2) Are there any hidden fees like taxes when going with a contract phone? \980/month would be sweet unless there are other fees that aren't advertised.

3) Are there any "included" minutes? From what I can see if I call a Softbank phone it is a free call from 1am to 9pm. So does that mean I start off with zero minutes?

Any help on this would be great. I've got questions about the DoCoMo service and Au service as well but I'll post them once I can actually figure out what I want to ask. :)
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