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Buy a telephone?


22 May 2003
Where can I buy a good cordless phone, that is really MADE IN Japan? All my phones ( made in China, etc.) Breaks after a few days no matter the price.
Thank you:D
Believe you me, cordless phones made in Japan break too... Besides, what do you do to your phones for them to break after a few days?
Nothing, except daily conversations. My older Japanese phones always worked better. Do you know any web site?
The only ones I'd know would be in Japanese. Which means that you'd have to by in yen... If you feel up to it, I can give you some addresses...
Oops. That's problematic now, isn't it? Hold on a sec, though. Japanese current is 100 V, while North American current is 120 V, which means that if you plugged your Japanese-made, Japan-bought cordless phone in your North American electric plug, you'd fry the power source of the phone. In other words, unless you by a voltage converter, your phone is useless. So, just as I thought, you'll have to buy domestic. I unfortunately can't help you there. Have you tried checking the Web sites of know Japanese makers, such as Panasonic, Sony, etc.?
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