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15 Nov 2003

My NaMe Is SeLiNe..

I am new here... 😄

I LikE DrAwInG...and I am trying to draw some new stuff..like manga and anime...I would like to be in touch with people who also draw manga and anime...or who is learning 4 it!!

My BoYfRiEnD KeViN PoStEd SoMe DrAwInGs ThAt I MaDe..
I Would like to hear YOUR opinion!!!

Maybe we can share ideas 4 new drawingss!!!

hehe here is 1 of your drawings sweety 😄

looks like the character needs some sugar or some coffee.. :D
interesting facial features...looks like some people I've seen when they were notified they were laid off.. :(
they're so nice!!

I like to draw too... it's just that my drawings sometimes are so... disfigured...😊

the second one is very nice! it looks kind of like Hakuryu (or however it is spelled) from Gensomaden Saiyuki!
she draws very well! though I'm sure she still can improve! ^^ --. I guess everybody can...

here is a bit of drawing that's ok to look at (its part of a letter actually, so... there are words...):
mayura did you draw that? i like 'em (especially the one on the left)... do you have any other drawing scanned in? seline i also like your drawings a lot ^_^... i also draw anime/manga... im not good though *sweatdrop* i think i have some of my pics scanned in somewhere around here if anyone wants to see though

ThAnX 4 ALL ThE CoOL ReAcTiOnS!! 😌

I ThInK I cOuLd LeArN ALoTt oF ALL ThEsE OtHeR TaLeNtEd PeOpLe!!

ThAnK U SwEeTy 4 PoStInG My DrAwInGs..

LuV U !!! 😍
Wow, that is really good. Your porportions look good and wow, i can never do facial expressions that well. I''m practiceing to be a manga-ki too, but i only have one good picture i scanned but it's too big to post. ^^
a pic I drew ^_^ eh I guess I haven't scanned in any pics for a while... I drew this a few months ago (sry if it's a Lil blurry i had to reduce the quality so it would be small enough to post)
Wow! Cool drawings everyone ;) I particulary like Seline's little dragon.
Well, I drew my signature ^^
Thankies ^^
Well, there's the original pic . The gloved hand, which gets cut off in my sig, is out of proportion.
yeah nice drawings everyone, mayura the print in your drawing looks similar to how i write lol.
Originally posted by jeisan
yeah nice drawings everyone, mayura the print in your drawing looks similar to how i write lol.

does it? that's... eto... great I guess... 🙂

yeah, I drew them, GraviFutten... ;) I really like drawing eyes! and yes, I have lot's of other drawings, but most of them are not scanned in...
lol, wow! you're all great at drawing 👍
@ Seline:
i love that nurse you drew (LOL) its really good! the dragon is really cool too!
the eyes you drew are awesome!
If I had a scanner to scan my drawings I would post to! T.T
I've been drawing since I was 7 and working on it for 7 years (I'm 14). I usually only draw Manga style. ^_^ I constantly draw, which usually means I don't concentrate on much else when I draw, my mom gets so mad! o_O (My mom's really creepy when she's mad... T.T)
I was learning to draw like that too .There's a whole series of books that could help you called "How to Draw Manga" and there's a lot of sites too. I could post the URLs if anyone wants to know them.
i suck at drawing hair... lol hair always gets me.. sometimes the face shape too.. FINGERS KILL ME!!! lol... yep !
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