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Bump of Chicken


15 Mar 2002
Are there any fans of 'Bump of Chicken' around?
I heard them first 2 months back in their single 'Sailing Day'
I think its a wonderful song with a great rhythm.
and i just translated the lyrics yesterday and they were pretty different, not the run-of-the-mill stuff churned out normally, but some parts were abstract for my understanding.

i read somewhere that the band was originally formed in 1994!

can anyone throw more light on BOC?

"Aint the lyrics 'ツ青ウ窶ーテーツ・窶「sツ青ウ窶ーテー窶堙娯?敖サ窶冉ツ ナスツゥ窶「ツェ窶堋セ窶堋ッ窶堙俄?ケ窶凪?堋ウ窶堙ェ窶堋スナ陳?窶藩?" wonderful!
'seikai/fuseikai no handan jibun dake ni yurusareta kenri'"
if you want heady stuff, try Asian youth. But seriously, isn't the name "Bump of Chicken" abstract enough for you?

I didn't care for them, but i'm no music expert.
They're my new favorite band! I just got their CD Jupiter and it's really very good. I recommend it to anyone :)
I really like the video for 窶弖窶佚固?テ鞘?伉ェ too, but Harujion is my favorite song of theirs...
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Bump of Chicken can be fittingly described as a rockish-pop outfit, I suppose.. mind, I've only heard that one song, and perhaps not the best person to judge. As for how long their sounds have been gracing the airwaves, I'm unsure. Actually, I'm interested in aquiring this information myself if anyone holds any knowledge regarding this subject *hint hint*

They're not that new. They've been around for a few years, but i think they only went major about two years ago.

They fit in with bands like Triceratops and Grapevine. Good guitarpop and they don't overdo it.
Can't really say I'm a fan of Bump of Chicken, but my favorite BoC song would have to be 天体観測~
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