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Buffy fans unite! 8-D

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26 Feb 2003
I've been having some conversations with Kire name lately, and as it turns out, we're both huge fans of the show. That being said, was just wondering if maybe we couldn't bring any other fans out of the woodwork, heh. 8-p

Those of you not familiar with the show is currently in its 7th (and possibly last) season, although the show may well continue to give enough fan support (hopefully). The show centres around Buffy Summers played by the wonderfully effervescent Sarah Michelle Gellar and included in my opinion, one of the best supporting casts in the biz. The show's premise is a supernatural one set around modern-day "Sunnydale" which also happens to be home to the "Hellmouth", a nasty extra-dimensional portal chock full of infernal demons, sub-human monsters, and of course, plenty of pointy-toothed vampires. 8-P

I got into Buffy relatively late, but from what I've seen the last few years, I can honestly attest it is hands down one of the best acted, best-written shows on television today IMHO. To know the characters is to love them, and each supporting member has their own backstories full of personality and richly woven throughout the show's main storyline.

I encourage those of you who have not watched the show before to check out the following link (official website) to find out more information. I can't really explain why exactly the show appeals to me so much other than it just does. :cool: I think some of the stories and emotional content are really compelling and it's hard to find that kind of show on television nowadays... If any fellow Buffy/Angel fans want to discuss the show's various aspects in any way, shape, or form, I'm always more than willing lol... Buffy fans unite!


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Thought i'd add a couple pics from probably my two favorite original cast characters. The first is of the spunky Willow played by Alyson Hannigan. Don't let the soft exterior fool you though... underneath beats the heart of a witch with enough power to destroy the world (luckily for us she's on our side). 8-p


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This one is of the sometimes neurotic, often charming, always witty Xander played by Nicholas Brendon. For your average joe with no special powers whatsoever, he sure gets in a lot of trouble... 8-p


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Well, I see you actually did it! Now let's see how many there are out there.

Loving the pics, by the way. Where'd you get that one of Alyson Hannigan? That's good.

Come on y'all! Just go ahead and admit it if you're Buffy fans. It's nothing to be ashamed of--really! ;)

Another good site that includes a good forum and a very thorough episode guide is:

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Heh, I guess you just have to be a fan of the show Twisted to really get into it. 8-p Re: that great pic of Alyson, I don't remember where I got it to be quite honest although I think it's a newer one. I've actually got quite a nice collection of various cast photos. That one is probably my fav of her though.

Btw, knowing you're a Spike fan--I thought you might like this one...


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Had to include on of Oz as well (as portrayed by Seth Green) who's just your average teenage werewolf... Unfortunately, he is no longer a regular cast member. 8-( Nevertheless, i've always really liked his character.


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And finally, one of former Slayer turned full-time bad girl... Faith (Eliza Dushku). There are certainly plenty more characters as well as pics, nevertheless I just wanted to showcase a few of my personal favs over the years. :cool:


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Loving the picture of Spike! 😍

Thanks for putting it up. Good one of Faith too.

Don't tell me there are no Buffy fans here besides us?! Are we weirdos?! No, no. Don't answer that. I already know the answer.

I am a huge Buffy and Angel fan - it's nice to meet some others !! We're also on the seventh season in the UK and I am kiling myself with curisoity to find out how it ends.



Anyone know any spoilers :p
Woohoo! I knew we weren't the only ones. 8-p Re: possible spoilers... not too sure really, except from what can be gleaned from a recent article from the Cincinatti Enquirer's website with some of the big wigs related to the show concerning the future of the show, post-Buffy.

"UPN has been talking to Buffy creator Joss Whedon "about a wide range of possibilities" because Sarah Michelle Gellar's contract expires this spring after eight seasons.

UPN, which acquired Buffy from WB two years ago, has been preparing four options, says Les Moonves, president and CEOof CBS, which owns UPN.

Contingencies include Ms. Gellar returning full-time or part-time to the show; doing a spin-off; or canceling it. "All of them right now are possible," he says.

Regardless of Angel's fate, Mr. Levin says he's given Mr. Whedon permission to reunite Buffy and Angel on UPN for Ms. Gellar's finale, if she's quitting the role.

"I told Joss that if it was creatively justified, and in the best interest of the show's storytelling, and something he feels is necessary, I certainly wouldn't stand in the way," Mr. Levin says."

Hmm... unless i'm mistaken, Sarah Michelle has pretty much ruled out returning to the show full-time and the network is leaning towards cancelling it (doh!). Should be interesting to see whether or not the show will be able to somehow carry on without her past this season (I think it can) or if indeed this is "the end." At any rate, the comment about Angel possibly returning and making an appearance in the final episode sounds very intriguing. Reunited after all this time? Who knows...
No, it's still on. Although, it's in its 7th season now--which might be its last.

I just watch it for Spike anyway...hehe...
this reminds me my mom:
i still can't get the point why she's watching "sous le soleil" every saturday afternoon ... :p
Haha, I watched up to like season 5 on the cable FX channel. When my ex-gf's sister came to visit from Japan a year ago, she really liked Buffy and she had me videotape some of the first season so that she could take it with her (cuz the box-set DVDs wouldn't play on Region3). Anyway, guess they can watch it there now freely.
I wanted to watch Season 7 on UPN, but I haven't seen season 6 and I think I would be lost...
Hey, another fan! :cool: I think you could get away with watching season 7 without having seen 6 although some of the ongoing storyline's major developments really started to shift in 6. Unfortunately, season 7 is almost finished but if you get a chance to see how it all ends I definitely recommend it. :cool:
to add to your collection HERE, I AM!!!!!! hehehe
a friend of mine videotaped 2 series and with great trust in me allowed me to watch them(which series, I don't know), but I have to admit I was not entirely persuaded with the verbal rundown on just how good this show was!! But when I took the time to watch and learn, I needed no more verbal!! It's a great show, and the actors do it great justice! I must admit that the fact that buffy home town was "a port-hole" for all the gruesome going-on escaped me, I found it interesting, wanting me to get more info and want to discover what happened all the characters a crusade of mine!! Unfortunately, with 2young children, my home television is not my own!! so I'll have to depend on a friend for a recording and play it sometime when my kids are in bed!! (which is never!!). But we all live in hope!!!🙂
Yeah, Deb...I know what you mean. Luckily, Buffy comes on here from 7 a.m. until 9 a.m. every morning, so I get to watch it before my 3 boys get up. Well, they're usually up about 8:45, but I let them play until 9...hehe... :p

I was another one that doubted Buffy's worth at first, but then I started watching it and got hooked! ;)
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