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Budget travel tip: Takamatsu


28 Jul 2015
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Hi guys, I'm currently in Japan visiting my parents in law with my wife and daughter. We stay close to Osaka, and I decided to buy the Sanyo Sanin Area Pass. It's 20.000 yen for 7 consecutive days, and gives you unlimited JR train and Shinkansen use roughly between Osaka and Hakata (but also Tottori and Takamatsu). In fact it enables you to go to lots of big cities such as Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Okayama, Hiroshima, Kitakyushu (Kokura) and Fukuoka (Hakata). Quite a good deal!
Yesterday I went to Takamatsu (Shikoku), and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it is a perfect destination for budget travelers with this kind of ticket.

Right after arriving, go to the station square and go down the elevator. There you can rent a bicycle for just 200 yen for the whole day! Ride around the city, as it is very bicycle friendly, and has just enough to explore forday trip. Go to Ritsurin garden (very beautiful), the waterfront boulevard, eat some udon at various place (Takamatsu is regarded the udon capital of Japan), visit the castle area, there is a very large shopping street as well, nice atmosphere, almost no tourists and foreigners..

Wanna do something cheap but nice,kind of off the beaten path?
200 yen for the bike, 410 yen for the park, 400 yen per bowl of udon, 500 yen for some bottled drinks. The whole day can be spent for less than 2000 yen, and includes a nice sea view train ride on the seto ohashi bridge and mountains of kagawa prefecture. End the day with a few beers on the shinkansen back to your hotel. Happy days!
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