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8 Mar 2003
Ok I live in Iwakuni japan and I got a quick question. How can I get Broadband service around here. I have talked to the phone office on base (us Military base) and they don't have a clue. I seen a few Yahoo BB broadband signs but I don't know if it's available here. Can anyone help me out, I hate 56k dial-up.

edit; excuse me if this post doesn't belong here I didn't know where else to aks this.
the phone office on base works with NTT but it seen they don't have a clue of what I'm asking from them. At the moment I can use dial-up but it's too expensive since i use aol. I get charge for calling to hiro then i also getr charge from aol for using internation dial-up i guess.
Well, if NTT doesn't have a clue, then chances are you're going to have to put up with your 56k connection. As for phone fees, it's extremely costly to use the phone here (I mean local calls are charged by the minute... It's cheaper to use a cell phone...). So, when you hook up to the Internet, you pay for dialing (initial fee), then you're charged by the time you spend online, on top of paying your provider fees. Of course there are all you can use plans...
How to check whether you can get Yahoo BB.


This is late so maybe you've already gotten access but, anyway, I would say that if you're seeing Yahoo BB posters around your neighborhood, then it's probably available in your neighborhood.

In any case, there is a site called BBapply.com (link below) where you can get info and apply for Yahoo BB in English. The guy running that site also has a Yahoo BB FAQ/support area where you can find things such as instructions on how to check online to see if Yahoo BB is available in your neighborhood, click here.

If it turns out that you can get Yahoo BB in your area, then you can apply in English at BBapply.com.

Hope this helps,

If you are stuck with a dial up, switch to a Japanese ISP. A company called OCN works through NTT and they have English support. You can get either an ISDN or ASDL (bit faster) connection and both NTT and OCN have unlimited use plans. You will have to pay both NTT and OCN unlimited use fees (about 2000 to 2500 each) as well as a phone line fee to have the line be able to handle both voice and data transfers (about 300 yen per month). There will be one-time start-up fees of around 2000 for OCN and NTT.You will need to by an ISDN or ASDL adapter (a bit pricey depending).

All in all you can get set up on unlimited use plans through NTT and OCN for around 20,000 for the first month (all fees, hardware, and first month included) and then expect to pay about 5000 to 6000 for internet after that. This is much cheaper than if you used a flex time plan or AOL. So if you are stuck with a dial-up, the difference is about 64kbps at 6000 yen per month for unlimited use, or 64kbps at tens of thousands of yen per month watching the clock all the time. It may be a hastle to set up, but you will save a lot of money in the long run. Good luck!
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