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5 Dec 2003
Hey Y'all, just thought I'd take the time to formally introduce myself to everyone on the board. My name is Tom Burris, and I've been immersed in Japanese culture for quite a while. I've studied the language for 8 years and I've been to Japan twice. Upon graduating Uni, I'll probably head back to Japan to work for a couple of years and then see what happens from there. Aside from Japan, my interests include soprt, reading and hip hop music.

I look forward to joing in many different threads. At the very least, please wish me a happy 21st birthday - God knows nobody else will!

hiya tomu-kun and welcome, have fun on the forum and happy 21st. my 21st was like 2 weeks ago. what part of austrailia are you from?
Hey, nice to meet you. I'm from Brisbane, in the state of Queensland. Do you know it?
yup, never been there though, only to melbourne and surrounding areas, and the sydney airport lol
next time i visit i want to go check out queensland as well as some places in western australia.
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