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14 Nov 2003
Hi everyone! I am Nicole, and I am 19 years old. I attend the Art Institute of Philly for media arts and animation. I am hoping to get involved in the art field through the media expressing my work. I love animation and adore creating my own stories through animation. To me, Japanese animation is the best I have seen. Some of the work is beautiful, and the storyline is beautiful. I enjoy different cultures and so happen to really enjoy Japanese and other Asian cultures. I love to learn and hope to make friends here. :)
hiya Nicole! welcome the forum 🙂 have fun

is the hamster picture off hamtaro? thats such a funny programme!

- jon
Hey there! Welcome to the forum! 🙂

I also love Hamtaro. I got addicted to it while watching it with my kids! :p
Many welcomes DeadorAlive aka Nicole aka 19 year-old Art Institute of Philly for media arts and animation student!!
Gomen I couldn't help myself! :sorry:

I would love to read some of your storylines! Do you have any with pirates in them?!?:D
Oh and enjoy yourself nyo!🙂
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