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3 Nov 2002
Konnichiwa, 🙂

As per the admins request. The following is a brief bio pertaining to my interest in topics being discussed at the Japan Forum.

I am an American male
39 years of age
Happily married to a Japanese National
In-laws living in Japan

Any other Americans married to Nihonjin in here?

I have been a student/practitioner of Buddhism for nearly two decades now, and would like to know if anyone here is interested in discussing the spiritual aspects of Japanese life.

I have a great appreciation for Japanese art, music, poetry, and culture as well.

I know that I have much to learn from the members of this forum, and am looking quite forward to it.
Hi Kakuzen, welcome to the board!

We're quite a cosmopolitan bunch here, a lot of us are non-Japanese with Japanese spouses. Just a few days ago we contemplated whether we should open a forum devoted to cross-cultural marital issues or not, lol.

Feel free to raise any topic, I hope you enjoy your time on board.
Hi Kakuzen !

I have already replied to a few of your posts. I am interested in discussing Buddhism, or anything related to culture, history, philosophy, etc.

Oh, yeah, I am a European (national) married to a Japanese.
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