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15 Apr 2002
OK, new idea here.

jidai referring to the "ahem" medieval Japan.

If your into Samurai stories I highly recommend the Musashi series by Eiji Yoshikawa.

Mushashi is possibly the most famous swordsman in all of Japan.
He's famous for the use of 2 swords while battling.

seems like this is pretty close to fact but not a full biography.

Book of 5 Rings by Miyamoto Musahsi
Yep, same Musashi as above.

This book, hype as a guide to understanding Japanese business is actually a look into Musahsi's fight style. He based his writtings on the Art of War by Sun Tsu (various spellings here).

I've read both treaties. They're great and help you get a look into why Japan lost WWII but basically won WWi.
The book of 5 Rings and The Art of War are excellent books. From what I hear and have seen myself from dealings with Japanese business men in Japan, it is very mid-evil still.
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