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Books and materials for a beginner in Osaka


27 May 2003
Hello all,

Well, first of all, Im a complete rank amateur at Japanese although I have learned to speak a little, enough to get by certainly as well as make small talk.

What I need is recommendations of books to use. My primary focus is on speaking it, with reading and writing of a slightly lesser concern.

I have seen Genki Japanese recommended and am wondering what different kinds of materials and anything else you can suggest.

I will be in Osaka later this week on a shopping trip, so if can I please get a detailed list of different kinds of materials and such that will get me on my way to speaking and learning much, much more!

Just got my fat pay check from Seoul, so Im not worried about the cost, I just want the goods!

Oh, and recommendations of where to purchases said materials in Osaka would be great as well!

Thanks a lot!

Konnichiwa Sickboy-san!

Do you want to get the Osaka dialect? Grammar is the same as common Japanese. But words and inflection of word ending is different.

An instance...
in English
How much is this? 1000 yen? It's too expensive for me. Could you give me a little discount? 900 yen? Dose it include tax? Ok, I'll take this.

in common Japanese
Kore ha Ikura desu ka? 1000 yen? Sukoshi Takaku nai? Mousukoshi Makete moraemasen? 900 yen? Sore Zeikomi desu ka? Jaa, Kore Kudasai.

in Osaka dialect
Kore Nanbo? 1000 yen? Chotto Takain Chau? Chotto Makete naa. 900 yen? Zeikomi yaro? Honnara, Kore Chodai.
Can you understand in Osaka dialect?:D

I think that you can not master Osaka dialect in few days. And there is no good books about Osaka dialect in Japan.
But don't mind! Most of all store clerk speak common Japanese. And if you can not understand clerk's speaking, you can say "Please in English" to clerk.

No, no... no ben for me!

Im wanting to learn 'standard' Japanese, and I need a list of books to puirchase. I just will happen to be in Osaka, and thats where I will buy them! Can anyone recommend any great beginner books and materials for me? Im looking for books (especially) to anything under the sun (tapes, flash cards, what not). Perhaps any children's books that may be easy to read?


Do you have a mobile phone yet? Make sure you get one which is internet enabled as there is a site that can help you with all the phases you want and you don't need to carry books with you.

Sorry I don't mean to push my own site but it has everything you are looking for.

Click on the link in my signature.
I won't be living in Japan just yet, but I may pick up a cheap card phone (if they have pay as you go - not to clear on that, although it is what i do in Korea) so that could help. I'll be her eon and off for 2 months this year, so not a bad idea. What I really need is heaps of books targetted at a beginner. Thats my number one priority, although getting a phone isn't a bad idea either.

Name of books please!!! What should I buy??? I don't want crap! Leaving in 20 hours!!!!!


Any of the Japanese for busy people series. If you're that much of a beginner and don't intend to focus on reading and writing, Japanese for busy people I, romaji edition.
Thanks, I'll look around for that and Genki Japanese. Is there any English language books that help the study of hiragana/katakana and kanji?

Anything conversationally oriented would be great too!

Keep em coming (for the next little while ;) )
The kana versions of Japanese for busy people. But there's just no avoiding having to sit down and write rows upon rows of kana before you master them. The kanji/kana book I use is called "Kanji and Kana: A handbook of the Japanese Writing System". It may not be the best one around, but for a beginner, it has all the stroke patterns, numbered for kana and the close to 2000 kanji in use today. I also used a Japanese book for kanji practice (the title escapes me at present), but it was entirely in Japanese (I was fortunate enough to have a tutor at the time I was using it). Hope this helps.
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