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Book on Japanese Reading


27 May 2003
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I used to study French using a book called French for economics.
It has a collection of readings, with annotation, wordlist and grammar explanation. I found this to be a very good way for me to learn French.
I am trying to find Japanese book with similar approach.
Has anyone seen any book of this kind?

- Selected reading from many sources and expertise (computers, hitech, arts, music, finance, economics, money market, meteorology, or almost capturing any aspect of life)

- furigana given to every kanji to assist outloud reading drill.

- bold and annotation to new kotoba and bunkei

- grammar and usage explanation with sample and drills.

If I can have a book like this, I can gain tremenduous benefit from it, I can read all kind of selected topics and mine new vocabularies in a short given time.

your help will be appreciated...

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