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Bonsai closing shop


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14 Mar 2002
Early in 2003 Bonsai was successful in securing employment in Adelaide, South Australia and thus will be returning to Australia with his family before the end of February.

As many of you know, Bonsai is now a father and he has decided to abandon the Jpop pages in favor of spending more time with his wife and daughter.

Therefore the Jpop Pages are closed.

=> http://jpop.hatch.co.jp/

One of the veterans quits.
It was a shop? I thought that was just YesAsia sponsorship.

It checked it out mostly for the interesting news-items, but it hadn't been updated for ages, so this was not entirely unexpected.
I've added his page to our directory in spring 2000. By that time he already used to be around for a couple of years. By internet standards that's centuries, lol. Another one bites the dust.

/me bows his head in a moment of silence

PS: "closing shop", just a phrase. :)
yep, its sad to see the most extensive JPOP site directory going off-line. i wonder who's next. life changes when you get married and have kids. i just might follow Bonsai's route, who knows.
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