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Bogus blacklist


1 Jul 2003
The blacklisting of Japanese colleges and universities is an accusation of illegal activity. Pretty strong stuff. The managers of the blacklist have a profound obligation to make sure that their accusations are accurate before going public with them, but although they claim to make "every effort" to be sure of their position, the reality is quite the opposite. The fact is, at least in the case of Keiwa College, they make no effort at all and actually refuse to hear evidence to the contrary.
Let me set the record straight.
1. Keiwa College hires full-time, tenured, foreign faculty members in the same way and under the same conditions as Japanese faculty. I am one of four such faculty members. We are given committee chair and other important responsibilities and have to perform all of the same duties as our Japanese colleagues. Our salaries are based on the same scale as Japanese faculty and we teach the same class load and same types of classes as Japanese faculty. No discrimination here.

2. The Visiting Instructor positions (as shown in the JALT ad) are also not discriminatory in any way. Keiwa College also hires Japanese-nationality Visiting Instructors for the Japanese-language program under the same conditions as Foreign Visiting Instructors are hired for the English-language program. These positions are not advertised in JALT, so they don't appear with the recruitment ad for the foreign Visiting Instructors. As both Japanese and foreigners are hired for these positions they share the same salary, contract limitations and workload.

The Visiting Instructor position is not a tenure-track position at Keiwa College, just as professorial positions in the US are not all tenure-track positions. There is no restriction, however, on a Visiting Instructor of any nationality to apply for a full-time, tenured position if one becomes available.

There is nothing discriminatory going on at Keiwa College. It is simply good morals to check information very carefully before putting it on something so provocative as an Internet blacklist for all the world to see, as irreparable harm can be done to a school's image and ability to recruit new staff. For the same reason, it is also an obligation to make corrections as speedily as possible to avoid further damage.

My guess is that if one blacklisting is inaccurate and unverified, the whole balcklist (sounds like McCarthyism, doesn't it?) should be taken with a grain of salt.

James Brown
Keiwa College
Still as bogus as ever

Still no changes vis a vis Keiwa College being on the bogus blacklist. Maybe Mr. Arudou doesn't care?
Have you gotten in touch with Mr. Arudou? I don't think he posts to this forum often, as many things are posted for him through others.
I (and others at Keiwa College) have contacted Mr. Arudou repeatedly. He is not receptive to messages that contradict his view of things and has refused to accept any more messages from me, claiming that I have been sending him too many e-mail messages. (Let's see... I sent him 12 messages. Our school was on his blacklist for about a year. That makes it about one message a month, doesn't it?)
University blacklisting is designed to give an institution a bad name and to cause damage to its image and its ability to recruit staff. When this is done without careful inquiry and verification of the truth, it amounts to the spreading of lies -- libel. Mr. Arudou claims to check on the veracity of his charges, but he never once contacted anyone at our school about anything. In spite of my writing to him and (at the very least) raising some question about the truthfulness of his blacklisting, he still has yet to contact anyone here at our school. I would not be at all surprised to discover that he has not contacted any of the schools on his list.
To be perfectly honest, I don't care what Mr. Arudou thinks. My posting in this forum is to make it clear that blacklisting is a bad business -- has been, always will be -- and that everyone should look at his information with suspicion.
It would be nice if he removed Keiwa College from both of his stupid lists!
I tracked down the webpage in question and while I will not speak to the ethical issue of having lists in the first place, it does seem that Keiwa gets to have at least part of it's voice heard.


I got the message that there is probably more to Keiwa that Mr. Arudo lets on, and any other reasonable reader should too.

Does Keiwa have a webpage?
If Mr. Arudou were simply giving his opinion about what flavor of icecream was the best or which car he thought we should buy, nobody would care. The point is that he could be hurting institutions that are doing nothing wrong.
I also do not think Keiwa College is interested in having "part of its voice heard". We are doing nothing wrong here. Nobody is being discriminated against on account of being a foreigner. It's similar to suffering the accusation of being a Communist or Fellow Traveler during the 1950s in the US. Whether you were actually a Communist or not didn't matter much; after you were accused, your reputation was ruined.
Although Mr. Arudou claims to check that his blacklisting of colleges is justified, the reality is something else. He did not check in the case of Keiwa College, and I would not be surprised to find out that he hasn't really checked anywhere else either.
What appears to happen is that he (or one of his colleagues) reads a recruitment ad in the JALT newsletter or somewhere and jumps to conclusions (erroneous) about what's going on at the school as a whole.
Mr. Arudou seems to be maintaining these lists as a way of drawing attention to himself. He seems to like the role of "culture critic" and is in the process of trying to become a kind of "TARENTO" in the field. Who needs him to evaluate positions? Personally, I believe that people should be careful about the conditions of the jobs they sign up for no matter where they are: US, Canada, Japan or anywhere.
You can find Keiwa's web site at
敬和学園大学 新潟県新発田市にあるリベラルアーツ大学 but there is nothing there about this issue.
Been there; done that. He isn't listening.
In fact, he, "has chosen not to respond" on the excuse that I wrote to him too many times and complained about the blacklist.
He makes the false accusation that a school is breaking Japanese law (which, as he points out, discrimination is) and then gets pouty when someone complains about it.
Enough is enough already. Just don't believe everything you read on people's blacklists and check out jobs carefully before you take them on (duh).
I can black list omachi driving school .. a while back when I went for a japanese license they turned me down saying " we dont accept foreign students" even though i spoke and wrote perfect japanese >< idiots .. i ended up going to kobe and taking it ( 5 hours away )
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