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Interesting site. I don't think I would ever have the cajones to try flesh hanging myself but i'm all for piercings and tatts. Checked out your galleries, some of your crew have some real nice ink jobs btw (from what I could tell). Best of luck with your art.
thanx for your support......i am glad to get an open minded opinion..where are you from?and did you read my forums? well thanx for the nice thoughts...jason price
Yeah, I scoped your forums. I like the Stampfly piece he wrote about how you guys all hooked up. Reminds me of myself and some of my old biker friends back in the day... I've always been interested in a lot of the things you guys seem to be about. Can't say that I ever caught a suspension show firsthand but I don't think it would phase me as much as some were I to ever witness one. One thing though that does bewilder me is the whole subdermal implant scene some people are into... gives me the heebejeebes if ya know what I mean, too reminiscent of HR Giger's work in my mind for whatever reasons, heh. So you've been piercing for over ten years now? That's pretty impressive man. The few people I knew in the body modification industry didn't have near that kind of longevity.

As for myself, I grew up all over (born outside the U.S.) but lived in southern Cali for a while then on to St. Louis, MO and then just north of Miami, FL, and until recently Sapporo, Japan. I am currently in Grand Rapids, MI but I just graduated with my Master's degree in Public Administration and am looking forward to going back abroad asap. I think you guys would get a good reception if you ever did a show in Japan. They have a unique appreciation for the avant garde I think, moreso than many other cultures.
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