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Bob Sapp vs Mike Tyson

Bob Sapp vs Mike Tyson : Who do you think would win?

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12 Feb 2003
Most of you must of heard the rumours about Bob Sapp vs Mike Tyson in a possible K1 match. I think Mike Tyson has passed it and should retire, and has no chance beating Sapp..what do you think?
.. and since its a K1 fight, Sapp has the advantage, but if it was a boxing match Tyson could have a very slight chance. But i think Tyson knows he little chance too, but he would fight anyway since he's bankcrupt, he needs all the money he can get!!

:) 😄 :) 😄 :) 😄
That'll be an interesting fight....there's a good chance that Tyson's gonna lose, but if he lands a few good punches, the fight could go in his favor.
Put the bite on !

I hear Tyson is getting his teeth sharpened and will go for the jugler ! Maybe Tyson should gain some weight and become a Sumo wrestler !

sapp vs tyson

I am a massive bob sapp fan but think tyson stands a pretty good chance. This is mike tysons kind of fight !

HAs anybdoy heard the rumour that the fight has been signed !
In his prime, Tyson could take down anyone. But right now? Heck! Iron Mike wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in you-know-where against Sapp!
Mike Tyson is definitely a person of questionable character and he's past his prime, but there is no question that one left jab from Tyson would end the fight. This match is all about the pay anyhow, I think that Bob Sapp will "job" ala Michael Spinks to Tyson regardless.
Bob Sapp has a bit of a weak guard and once Tyson gets one or two decent shots in Sapp is going down. If he keeps his guard up he'll win, for sure.
Iron Mike was a great heavyweight, and he isn't that old. Sapp has a lot of power and heart, but his chin is a little weak, and he isn't skilled enough to land many punches against someone with Tyson's skills and quickness. I would bet on Tyson to avoid Sapp's lumbering blows, and sneak inside for a knockout punch... if the fight isn't fixed.
No bias intended, but whoever voted for Sapp to win this match has to be smoking the wrong tobacco. Tyson will kill Sapp, hands down.
It's Not Going To Happen!

I said it in another thread; the fight was all smoke blown for publicity.
At least, that's what Mike Tyson's trainer tells me.

While it seems many people think Mike is finished, I still think he has a few good fights left. If all goes according to schedule, he'll have several fights this year. So it looks like we'll find out soon...
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