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It's pleasing someone from Japan is mentioning BoA here.
BoA is also famous and popuar in Korea.
As far as I know, she was chosen as a singer when she
was in an elementary school, and started training with
learning japanese and English for the action worldwide.

When she started action first, many korean girls
were against her, because the most famous 5-some
teenager boys group HOT was sponsored by the same firm as
the one BoA belong to.

The firm eventually has chosen BoA instead of HOT,
because they thought BoA is more prefereable in
commercial value. so many girl fans came to hate her.

Now she's grown and we can listen to her songs
both in Korean and Japanese by MP3s.

When I drive, I also listen to her music.
Of course, I like the Japan's pop, too.
Although I'm not a fan of HOT, I used to hate her very much because she was too young and seemed so deliberately 'produced'. But I had to admit that her recent album was quite good enough to turn my negative criticism into a positive one.
I like her songs Shine We Are and Earthsong. They're nice to listen to and her voice is soothing (in a way). Her song Every Heart is also one of my favorites. ^____^
i've only listened to Duvet, but i though it was really good and i'm going to download some more of her music
You're thinking of the wrong BOA here...

"Duvet", from Serial Experiments Lain, is a song from a Western group (British?) called BOA. If you're into them, try and find their album "Twilight"... it contains two versions of "Duvet" as well as many other great songs.

The BoA being discussed in this thread is a Korean singer popular in Japan as well... anime fans would know her best for the song "Every Heart", featured as an ending theme to the TV series "Inuyasha".

Sorry about the confusion, but hope this explains things...

my bad, anyways i've downloaded several of the Korean BoA's songs and they're pretty good. she's also very hot
but THen boa did too much surgery>>>even on her voice ...i admit im a fan of her and all but i just dont like the way she fake it :[
Originally posted by ge k~*
but THen boa did too much surgery>>>even on her voice ..
:) theres no way of knowing whether or not thats true.
you cant always trust what someone says in a forum.. .lots of BoA-haters say stupid stuff like that...i personally believe she's only recieved very minimal plastic surgery, like nearly every other kpop singer.

btw i've bought 3 of her albums (so far)... :) im a pretty big fan
Basically, what I'm saying is I think the whole 'surgery' story is a joke. She can sing, she can dance and with the current level of fame she's acquired [much like Ayu], it's natural for people to become jealous.

Now I can not recall how she sounded like in her younger age, though still it would be hard to believe since puberty can change voice anyway.

If she did have surgery, then it was simply her decision and that's that.
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