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Blocking web-traffic?


16 Jun 2002
I'm recieving way too much traffic on my website and I was wondering if there is a way to block certain visitors or links from coming onto my site,, I know I've been blocked from sites before so I'm hoping someone here could help me out.

7kb! Do you know if .htaccess slows page processing times much? I tend not to put too much commands in it since I'm not sure.
Yes, I'm aware of that, but I'm mostly blocking leechers by UA. Once we have our own server, it will be easier.

Is there anything else cause I don't have Apache, isn't there like some kind of code to block visitors from another website? or IP address?


Check with your ISP; they would have a better idea as to what works with your site. Also, you can dissuade some robots from scanning your site using robots.txt file.
i run a dedicated server that runs FreeBSD and use its built-in firewall "ipfw" to ban ip addresses. requests made from banned ips wouldn't even reach port 80. I would highly recommend Apache for a web server. i also use "mrtg" to monitor real time traffic. one of the many perks when you have your own server. its not cheap though. :) but if you have the dough, go for it.

netcraft.com renders your site as:
unknown unknown 1-Dec-2003
an "unknown" OS running an "unknown" web server.

how much traffic does your site get? perhaps, its time for you to consider a different host. there's tons out there. just have to look for a right one.
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