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Bleach or Naruto?

  • Bleach! (Shinigami kicks ninja butt!)

    Votes: 56 56.6%
  • Naruto! (Hurrah for Narutards! Ninjutsu!)

    Votes: 43 43.4%

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I worship bishounen
17 Dec 2005
Two dynamic shounen series, both currently at the top of the selling charts. Which series do you prefer?
hey elanor!!🙂 ..i'm a bleach-a-holic :p
well..I used to be addicted to Naruto..but, am i the only one who thinks that it's getting a little bit "boring" ?!!..i mean what's goin on?!!..where's sasuke and itachi?!..every week they come up with a "stupid" story about a stupid "mission"!!..the plot isn't developing!! :eek:

but i have to say that, "BLEACH" Rocks!!..i just love this anime 😍
Wah! Love you avatar! (And nick :p )

Bleach is definately getting intense. Though I'm a ****** for humour and I loved it's earlier crack chapters, the fights are definately worth reading in Bleach.

Naruto's good too, but yeah. The plot seems to be moving too slowly. I don't watch Naruto anime but thank god the manga's jumped 2.5 years ahead! I assume when the anime is done with the filler episodes it'll also follow.

I used to love Naruto anime but the filler episodes really put me off. I felt like all my bandwith was being wasted. :eek:
bleach must be very nice! i voted for naruto..because i havent seen the bleach anime or read the manga yet, so i can't vote for it or compare both 😌 i would like to watch bleach but it takes a lot of time and i'm not home often now.:(
elanor said:
Wah! Love you avatar! (And nick :p )

Bleach is definately getting intense. Though I'm a ****** for humour and I loved it's earlier crack chapters, the fights are definately worth reading in Bleach.

thanx elanor!! 😌 yeah!!..u'r right..and the manga is awesome too!!..I can't wait till January 10 for the "one hour special" Bleach episode 😄
Yeah, Naruto has some creative jitsu and such but the plot is definately falling into a DBZ pattern.
I used to love Naruto but the filler is killing me. Its not going to go back to the Mainstory line until April. But Bleach is getting so awesome and it is hella intense.
Haha! Action/plot and whatnot, about Bleach versus Naruto can always be aruged by the fans but in my opinion there's NO WAY you can argue against the fact that Bleach fashion sense kicks Naruto butt for sure.
Naruto! I was downloadin Bleach for a while, but i couldn't get into it. I thought the whole guy killin demons trying to get into the human world was a ripoff of Yu Yu Hakusho. Or maybe i just didn't watch enough.
Nonono! Bleach is not a YYH rip off! I've read all of YYH and Bleach is nothing like it!

I actually downloaded the first chapter of Bleach because it seemed like a shounen rip off of Yami no Matsuei 😌 (also about shinigami and such) but Bleach get's really interesting later! Which episode were you up to? Did you meet Kon yet?
Yup. Keep reading till you meet a talking lion plushy named Kon. If you still don't like it by then, you may consider quiting but the more recent episode of Bleach is pretty intense and action filled.
A talking plush lion? Haha, that sounds funny. Guess i'd better start downloadin again.

Yay, just watched episodes 166 and 167 of Naruto. I wish they'd get back with the main storyline, things are getting a little boring. Does Bleach do that too?
no no bleach doesn't do that it stays really close to the manga, and right now the action is amazing.

As for which is better I would say Bleach is now, but if you were to ask me 3 months ago I would have said Naruto because it wasn't filler then. But later when Naruto starts back up again its going to rock.
I've been reading the manga of Naruto and it doesn't rock that much... The newest chapter was so predictable. It's terrible when you've already guessed who's the bad guy and you have to read another 10 pages for the mangaka to reviel it as a 'twist' to the story.

At least the plot seems to finally start moving now in Naruto. Yay! I don't wanna spoil too much but in the new second part of Naruto -spoiler highlight to read- Kakashi isn't in it that much. Naruto get's another teacher called Yamato who's NOT as good as Kakashi (I love Kakashi :() With Sasuke gone, Naruto and Sakura also get a new teammate called Sai who I also don't like.
That sounds.....odd....and slightly disappointing.

Haha, i watched episode 5 of Bleach and now i like it. Geez, that didn't take long to convert me did it? :p
Haha, my vote still lies with naruto for now, but that's only cuz i'ma bleach n00bie.

Hmm....you realize we're the only ones talking in here now? And it's not even an argument over Naruto and Bleach. Haha, oh well...
No worries you'll change they all do. Bleach has a Kenshin feel to it at times now that the plot has thickened AGAIN. I love the twists in this anime.
Oh who cares? :LOL: Bleach and Naruto are published in the same magazines! People who read Bleach also read Naruto! Let's not fight a civil war in this thread.

Naruto can be cool. That Hokage vs. 'Kazekage' fight wasn't as appealing to me as Naruto vs. Gaara. I could barely hold myself back from skipping forwards to Naruto's fight. I know the Third's a cool man and all but his fight was boring.
Hokage vs. Kazekage....i still get the names confused! And personally, i was happy when the third died. I love orochimaru, and i thought the third was laaaame.

And Gaara owns Naruto, in my opinion.

Bleach has a Kenshin feel? YAY! I looove Kenshin!
Bleach has a Kenshin feel? O.O;; must be the whole kimono and swords thing? Cuz despite it's appearance, there's nothing traditional about Bleach. It's all just creative license.
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