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Birthday Party


Crazy Kitty Girl "Meow"
3 Nov 2003
I noticed at the bottom it says whose bday it is. Well I think we should have a thread where we can wish people a happy birthday and you can state your new age if you want. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
😄 :D 👍 👏 :giggle: :devilish: 🌹 :hanabi: :sing: :gulp:
Hey happy birthday to those four people. Now they get to celebrate their birthday and thanksgiving at the same time. I know it says whose bday it is at the bottom of the forum but would people mind if I post there names here to wish them a happy bday?
Ok well for Nov.30 I want to say Happy Birthday to Josei cuz he is the only one who has posted recently on todays bday list.
Just for clarification, "he" is actually a she... her pic is up in the Member Gallery. 8-p

Happy birthday to whoever birthday it is today. I didn't have a chance to look down at but just so you know. My birthday is this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on the 29th!!!! yippeee for me!!!!👏 👍 :p 👏
Happy Birthday to:

Shinhan, AbSk, okashii77, rikishiboy!! ^^ hope you get lots of presents! or whatever it is..
Happy Birthday to: Klevas, pinga, spine, bulletmag, and tel.
Also a Happy Birthday to Kiwano boy did your bday come up fast lol have a good one all of ya
I want to wish a Happy Birthday to: blue flame , keithd , Amir, Andrew Lones, and hagakure hope your having a great time and hopefully its not as cold as it is here in new york.
We've been getting steady snowfall all day here and more is expected for Saturday. I really wish I could be in Tahiti right now... :eek:
Frank, I really wish you had sent it to me earlier! I just finished shovelling the entire driveway by hand! Now I'm all achy.

Anyway, thank you for the thought. I'll just tell the UPS guy to send it on back... :(
Happy Birthday to: Greg, thorny, and fayevalentine2066

You know what I noticed is that most of these people have never posted and I wonder if they have even read this but oh well thats not gonna stop me.
yup thats true, your gonna have alot of people to wish happy birthday on january 1st lol.
I wonder how many on Jan 1st?
Happy Birthday to: demon moloch, tanakater, lalx, insane pink tiger, tomchan, and mopman.

Some of these names are funny and cool
alot, check the calender :p
...though for alot of tham that prolly isnt their real birthday
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