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Birth Mother of Yataka Kimoto


31 May 2002
I am searching for the birth mother of Yataka Kimoto born in Osaka in October 1955. His father was an American military person, they did not marry. He stayed with his Mother until around age 3 or 4 when he was adopted by a family in the Army, they later left for USA. His mother was only 16 when he was born. Both my husband and our son are anxious to find any famly members willing to reach out to us.

Thank you
Hi magnoliasail and welcome aboard.

I and Thomas have posted abit about making contact with public offices and such in Japan in other threads. In this same People search category.

You first best bet would probably be to start with a Japanese consulate/embassy that's close to you and ask them how to get family registrar information and such.

I haven't posted this information yet, becuase I totally didn't think of it, but Japan does have Private Investigators. They're normally used to check up on unfaithful husbands but I'm pretty sure that some might speak a bit of English, err enough to realize who you want to find and such.

good luck
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