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8 Sep 2003
my birth date is 29 february 1984 but why when people see my bio it says 1 march 1984? can someone fix that? there is people who was born in 29 feb you know..
ooh leap year baby, it might go back to the 29th when we have a leap year on the calendar (next year)
hey theres 3 other members besides you born on the 29th
well, if you have spare time, please do something about it. at least for people to know exactly when my birthday is. anyway, thanks for the explanation.
well, we'll have to wait and see if thomas can do anything about it, hes the webmaster. whats weird is that if you look at the calendar for this, or any other no leap year, it doesnt list yours or the other members birthdays on either the 28th or the 1st. odd little bug. in the meantime you could put your actual birthday in the wesite spot :)
err website spot. i typo alot 😌
but in your profile where it has a place for your homepage. you can type "real birthday: 29-2-84" if you like, for the time being.

click the "user cp" button up top, then "edit profile" if you would like change your profile.
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