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14 Mar 2002
Binbougami (bimbogami, bimbougami) = god of poverty and obstinate companion of families, who try hard to get rid of him and with him their poverty.

Japanese flock to shrine to dump god of poverty

The master of rites is Tessen Sakurai, a 71-year-old former banker, who established the tiny shrine in 1998 on a sprawling hill in this rural town some 200 kilometres west of Tokyo. The god of poverty is commonly believed to make people poor and no one wants to be obsessed with him. Hundreds of Japanese spent the New Year holidays cursing their economic demise at the shrine as salaries around the country slump and the unemployment rate hovers near record highs. You are born with the god of poverty and he lives in your weak heart... Bang at your weak heart, Sakurai said, handing out a red bat to people who come to pray. Tips from him are unlike those from the priests found at regular shrines, but they are practical. on kick with your toe, it hurts. Kick with the sole, he said.

=> dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=story_6-1-2003_pg9_2

Bimbogami were first mentioned during the Edo period when large parts of the urban population suffered from severe poverty. In Japanese language unfortunate people are still called "bimbogami".


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