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Bill Murray/Western Media; Make Fun Of Japanese


8 Oct 2002
_) Is this typical, the western media, makes easy fun of Japanese

_) Time Magazine comments on the new Bill Murray movie "LOST IN TRANSLATION"

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The movie also makes too much easy fun of the Japanese: that they are a short people who speak in very long sentences and mix up their ls and rs. (A prostitute invades Bob's room and orders him to "lip my stockings.") But that's just America's cultural myopia at work abroad. We go there and wonder, Why don't these people speak English? What are they doing here?
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I haven't seen the film yet, but Hollywood not watching how they portray Asians is nothing new. It is just sad that many people won't take the time to find out otherwise.
One good thing about the film that I saw in the trailer is that they show Mathew's Best Hits on TV! 👏
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a town/village of 2,000
--> does the town have a center
--> can't the town send kids to High School by bus?

if the writers were creative and found ways other than making fun of ethnic/class differences (to create laughter), they wouldn't be in hollywood
no offense....but have you ever even seen a foreign (non-American) film? How do you think they portray people of other countries? Every country does this not just the **** ups in Hollywood. Keep it in perspective

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I don't understand why they would put such terrible things into a movie. The Japanese almost never mix up L's and R's... And surely all the Japanese players that are now in the NBA should put those misconceptions about height to rest!
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Why are you all so upset about it~~ surely japanese show western in a different way that they really are.
it's a comedy , supposed to make ignorant people with no/few knowledge of japan , see their movie.
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