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BIG translation request.


25 Apr 2003
I have 11 pictures with Japanese on them that I'd like to be translated into English. Hopefully, it's not too much to ask. And to whoever helps me with this, thank you.

Due to the size, I have to separate them into three files.
6, Sephylos has come back at last!?

7. A man appears as a new enemy against Claud. Nobody knows who he is. Does he have anything to do with Sephylos!?

8. Watch the set of the super newest images!!! You can't call it just a video game!!!

I'll put the original phrases. They'll help you. :hungry:


6. ついにセフィロス復活…!?

Tsuini sefilos fukkatsu...!?

7. 新たにクラウドの敵として現れる、謎の男。まだその正体は謎だが、セフィロストと関係があるのだろうか!?
Aratani kuraudo no teki toshite arawareru, nazo no otoko. Mada sono syoutai ha nazo daga, sefirosu to kankei ga aru nodarouka!?

8. ゲームを超えた超最新映像を見よ!!!
Ge-mu wo koeta tyou saishin eizou wo miyo!!!

Don't know the spellings of the names: Sefirosu (Sephylos ?) and Kuraudo (Claud ?), check them out for yourself.
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1. Again!?

2. We bring you quite a lot of the cream-of-the-crop stories again this week, to begin with the latest information on the serieses of FF & DQ (Dragonquest)!!

3. Super Mega Exclusive!!
The sequel of that "FFVⅦ" is out on DVD as a perfectly original game!!!

4 The sequel of the masterpiece RPG, FFⅦ, is going to be released as a perfectly original dvd movie.
This stuff sure is a must-watch work, even if you're not a fan!!

5 In the world where they believe peace has returned, something is about to happen!?
Will Claude stand against it!?

(I'm not a FF fan therefore there might be some misunderstandings, if you find some mistake or something, correct me.)

1. 再び!?

2. FF&DQシリーズの最新情報を初め、今週も59上の
FF & DQ siri-zu no saishin jouhou wo hajime, konsyuu mo gokujou no neta wo tairyou housyutu. (59 reads goku, 59jou is a pun for "gokujou", "gokujou" is written as 極上)

3. 超特大スクープ!! あのFFⅦの続編が完全新作DVDで登場!!!

Tyou tokudai suku-pu!!
Ano FFⅦ no zokuhen ga kanzen shinsaku DVD de toujou!!!
4. 名作RPG『FFⅦ』の続編が、完全オリジナルの映像ソフトで登場!!

Meisaku RPG "FFⅦ" no zokuhen ga, kanzen orijinaru (original) no eizou sofuto (soft) de toujou!!
Koitsu ha fan narazu tomo hikken no sakuhin da!!

5. 平和になったはずの世界で、再び何かが起きようとしている!?
Heiwa ni natta hazu no sekai de, futatabi nanika ga okiyou to shiteiru!?
Kuraudo ha sore ni tachimukau noka?
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can someone also translate this "Kimi wa yasasii kara suki sa" a pen pal sent it to me and said it was funny. thanks in advance
Originally posted by Seppuku
can someone also translate this "Kimi wa yasasii kara suki sa" a pen pal sent it to me and said it was funny. thanks in advance
It says Because you are gentle/kind, I love you (but could be closer to "really like" or you are my favorite or something). At any rate, the tone and wording seems more affectionate and sweet than really passionate. :)
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