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Big Size Clothing


7 Mar 2004
I have a question about clothing in Japan.
Since I am pretty tall (6 feet 7 inches, 192 cm), I don't think ik can find any clothing in normal japanese stores.
Are there stores specialised in bigger sizes?
I am long and slim.
And if there are such shops, are there any shops specialised in trendy clothing?
I am very worried about coming there, and not being able to buy anything new.


I know, this is a very common topic, but i couldn't find it in the list.
If I made a mistake, I apologize.
Konnichiwa Rukasu-kun!

There are Big size store or counter at a department store. But there are not many stores and the number of articles are very few.
I think it is hard to find trendy clothing that is to your taste. :(

But Big city has a lot of stores and there are a lot of articles too. My living city is small and Big size store is very few. :p

Thanks for your replies.
I am not really a sports player, but my whole family is very tall.
So even in a city like tokyo there aren't many shops like that?

That would be a bit troublesome for tall people living there.
well, kinda, but i saw a couple of tall decently-dressed japanese people there also (but most people do seem to be under six feet).
this question has been addressed before, but not for plus 6 feet peeps... i never buy clothes over there (too cheap), so my info is kinda bad/unreliable.
i will ask homegirl where she got my yukata from, that would be a start
also appreciating Mr. Nangi for his input. thanks!
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