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Beuty collusium BOO! ( rant )


1 Sep 2003
I don't know if this discrace of a TV show has been stopped yet but I'm going to rant about it anyway:

Point 1 : It's always females which they choose to pick on

I want to see them rip apart a male .. perhaps the presenter?! he fell out the ugly tree , hit every branch on the way down and went back up for another turn! They should humiliate him in the same way!

Point 2 : Hiding the discusting father's face which suggested his daughter is ugly.

If the guy wants to make his bed .. let him lay in it!!. I remeber one show where a old man disowned his daughter because she was too ugly... he made comments about her not getting married because she is ugly and he doesn't like to look at her ( and this is his OWN daughter ) man... I was so angry at this guy .. I wanted to find out who he was and come by his place for a chat... but NOOOOO they hid his cowardly face with a mozaic.

Point 3 The presenters :

Come onnnnn! The presenters are two of japan's most ugly people. One looks like a guy, but is actually a girl .. the other looks like he was smashed in the face several times with a shovel and has them awful eye brows. Atleased choose some gorgeous presenters like that lady on NBS breakfast show ( forgot name )

This show makes me so angry :eek:
I concur Salaryman. I am impressed you made it through so many shows. I never get past the first five minutes. It is a subtle line between helping people who really feel they need/want it, and just turning their issues into a circus for all to watch.
Another show that makes me angry is that " eating rice in other countrys " show .. the one with the 4 presenters who tour the world and eat rice with every meal they try there.

And I agree there Mandy! That show is not helping the victim atall , it's ripping apart their emotions and making a mess out of an otherwise nice person. infront of the WHOLE country.
I kind of think Takeshi's Castle is in this same category. They are sitting around laughing at people almost getting their necks broken or something. I know many people are really liking that show now over here in the U.S.(not surprising), but I kind of feel it's demeaning in a way...
I don't usually watch a lot of tv here, but I can't believe I missed the eating rice in other countries one. If they weren't serious about it I think it would be wonderfully funny. We should make our own show that plays on foreigner stereotypes. We could get Fuji TV to pay us to travel around Japan and eat bread with every meal. "It looks wonderful but does it go well with bread?" Thing is, no one would get the joke...
I hate to sound like I'm always on the defense but, um, there would be no show if those people didn't volunteer ....

One thing I DID feel sad about that show was when they brought out at the end a boy she had liked when she was "ugly" and now that she is beautiful she wants to ask him if he feels the same. The guy said "I have always had feelings for you" - This sounds a bit rude - like he has always liked her, but because she was "ugly" he was too embarassed to go out with her!

I would feel sorry for the people on the show if they pulled them off the street - but these people know what's involved and have volunteered.
They don't get anything out of it? I'm not familiar with how the show works but don't they say "here is a chance to make yourself beautiful and all you have to do is come on the show." I imagine they help with some part of the process; finding a doctor, maybe help pay for it. I would think that would be the push a number of people would need to get them to do it. I dout people marched en'mass to the networks and said let us expose ourselves to the world, no strings attached. I take your point nzueda, no one is forcing them to be on the show, but I don't think anyone at the networks tries to talk them out of it either. I imagine they try and make it worth their while.
well of course ;) They volunteered to get the "make-over".
In some ways the show is exploiting these poor girls deperate longing for beauty treatment... A show on raising self esteem would be far more productive(as most of these girls have had their's battered) - I know a few beautiful women who have no confidence......
Rofl .. sushi on bread! yea! Japan always mixes something foreign with their foods ... like beer for example. It's hard to find a japanese establishment selling japanese foods without beer on the menu. This rice program , I believe is on wednesdays aroudn 6pm ish. The last time the went to some middle eastern country and met a man called mr. hussein .. he had a very large family and tried to introduce one of his sons to one of the presenters ... now that was funny , she rejected him :D. Anyway they made them cook their rice which they brought over from japan and everyone sat down to eat some weird middle eastern food with rice.

Anyway , I just asked a friend in nagoya and he confirmed my belief that Beauty Collusium was cancelled due to numerous complaints. GOOD!
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