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Better translations for TTT

LOTR = Lord of the Rings
TTT = The Two Towers (part 2 of FOTR)
FOTR = Fellowship of the Ring.... :D

TVNZ = ? I dunno this one... :D

any more acronyms? :D
must be one of them wannabe translation houses, the ones that use dictionaries still, rather than understanding the context and nuances of the different languages, and tend to use direct translations over the real stuff..... :eek:
reminds me of one of the translated novels of Tanizaki Junichiro (sp?) called the Snow Country (I think that was the title), where I spent half the book trying to figure out who the characters were, because the idiot translator kept referring to literal translation of the names of the characters and kept switching between that and the real name, so at one point I would run into a character named Snow-child, then at other times it would be Yukiko, and since the story didn't hold my interest because of the poor writing style (of the translator, I'm sure), I was lost and never finished the book for my class.....

I despise wannabe translators who just don't get it. Names are names, and they should keep the names consistent throughout the text, rather than switching back and forth like some attention deficit gamer on steroids.....

and if you happen to be a gamer, my apologies, but as long as you're not on steroids or have ADD, then you're safe from the sorceries imposed by the translator of that book....hopefully they have revised the translations by now.. :D

den4 :eek:
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